Artificial Hanging Baskets 101: How to Choose the Best Ones For Your Home

Using artificial flowers as spring décor allows you to get creative with your displays. From floral wreaths to garlands and various arrangements, there’s surely something to suit every space. One of the more popular ways to showcase the season’s blooms is to hang them from the ceiling to create a more balanced look. What are the best hanging baskets? The short answer is—it depends on your preferences and needs. Read our quick guide to learn how to choose the right types for your space, where to place them, and how to care for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Hanging Baskets

What are hanging baskets?

Flowers in hanging baskets are arrangements meant to be suspended from hooks. They are often popular front porch decorations but can also be hung on doors, windows, and corners of a room. Also, they are a handy way to display the season’s best blooms at eye level. This is a good option for those who don’t have a ton of space or spare surfaces for potted arrangements or flower vases.

Which is better: Real or artificial hanging baskets?

Both options add a cheerful element to your space. However, artificial ones are much easier to use and last longer. They already come pre-arranged and just need a bit of fluffing before you hang them. Also, faux hanging flowers allow you to enjoy blooms that aren’t readily available in season or in your area.

Where do you display hanging baskets?

Artificial hanging plants and flowers are popular patio and front porch décor. Suspend them from the ceiling to frame doorways and windows or to accent corners. Or, cluster a few together in varying lengths to create an impressive focal point. However, you shouldn’t limit them to outdoor spaces. Display them in the foyer, bedroom, and even in the kitchen. A hanging basket is welcome in any spot that could use a pop of color.

Can I place my hanging baskets indoors?

The beauty of faux hanging arrangements is that they can be displayed anywhere in the house. Unlike real blooms that need optimal sun exposure, artificial flowers require minimal upkeep. All you need is a sturdy hook on your chosen spot to keep it in place.

How should I take care of my artificial hanging baskets?

If you’re displaying these arrangements outside, select ones specifically made for outdoor use. Balsam Hill’s outdoor-safe florals are crafted with UV protection to resist fading and sun damage. We recommend displaying them outdoors for up to three months each year to help preserve their vibrant colors.

Keep your artificial hanging flowers looking their best for years by cleaning and storing them properly. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guide for the best ways to maintain them. Usually, wiping petals and leaves with a soft, dry cloth is enough to clean them. Also, avoid using water or chemicals as this may damage the material of your faux foliage. Then, place them in sturdy containers away from direct heat and moist areas.

How do I choose the best artificial hanging baskets for me?

There are three important things to consider when choosing faux hanging arrangements. First, determine the type of flowers you want to use. Find inspiration from your favorite hues or your home’s color palette. Or, pick out something that holds sentimental value for you. Next, identify where you want to hang them. Choose outdoor-safe flowers if you’re displaying them outside. Lastly, make sure they look fresh and natural. Highly realistic blooms like Balsam Hill’s will make your display more true to life.

The Best Artificial Hanging Baskets by Balsam Hill

Balsam Hill’s artificial hanging flowers come in various decorative containers. Some are set with coconut coir in an iron carrier, while others are placed in rattan or seagrass baskets. Additionally, they come with a built-in chain for easy hanging. Also, some of them come with a long ribbon and a pre-tied bow for a stylish display.

Most of our hanging baskets are part of full collections for effortless decorating. These collections include wreaths, garlands, potted arrangements, and window boxes. Here are some of Balsam Hill’s most popular hanging baskets for this season. Each conveys a unique look to suit various spring decorating styles.

1. Outdoor Meadow Foliage

Be transported to a charming countryside scene with our Outdoor Meadow Foliage. It features chrysanthemums, lavender, wildflowers, and mixed greenery, giving it a lush and vibrant look. This arrangement is outdoor-safe which makes it ideal to display on your porch and patio.

2. French Market Foliage

Recreate the beauty of springtime in Paris with our French Market Foliage. Designed by Courtney of French Country Cottage, this arrangement features lilacs, purple cattails, and thistle. It is set in a woven seagrass basket and comes with a pre-tied bow and a long burlap ribbon. This makes it easy for you to style your door, mantel, or kitchen window.

3. Outdoor Provence Rose Foliage

Bring warmth and romance to your celebrations with our Outdoor Provence Rose Foliage. Each bloom features more than 40 layers of handcrafted petals for utmost realism. Eucalyptus, ivy leaves, and dock stems complement these blushing cottage roses. In addition, the rattan basket is the perfect touch to complete this timeless display.

4. Outdoor Seaside Cottage Foliage

Add a touch of coastal elegance to your home with ocean-inspired hues. Daisies, lisianthus, and forget-me-nots bloom against a bed of ivy leaves and baby’s breath. Along with this, the coconut fiber basket lends a rustic feel to the whole arrangement.

Brighten every corner of your home with Balsam Hill’s wide selection of artificial flowers. Not only do they make decorating easier, but they also last for years.

For our latest offerings and more styling inspiration, check out our catalog.

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