The holiday season is usually synonymous with Christmas trees, festive decorations, and bright lights. Homes around the world put out their holiday best, stringing their trees and home exteriors in bright decorative lights to beautifully welcome the season. However, such decorations can come at a steep price.

Balsam Hill Christmas lights

Holiday lights are usually to blame for the rising electricity bill during the last two months of the year. Additionally, covering a home in incandescent lights heightens the risk of house fires brought about by malfunctioning light bulbs, which are sometimes difficult to spot. It doesn’t help that damaged Christmas lights are expensive to replace.

Luckily, there is an alternative to traditional bulbs: LEDs. These are a newer type of lightbulb that works differently and has numerous advantages over incandescent lighting.

Why use LEDs instead of incandescents? The top benefits of LED lights are:

    They are Energy Efficient

    With the popularity of green living, many are looking for ways to have a more energy efficient household. This is where LED lights really shine. Studies have shown that LED lights generally use about 3-33% less energy than its incandescent counterparts. This results in huge savings on your home electricity bill which in turn lowers your overall carbon footprint.

    They are Cool to the Touch

    Christmas lights are usually placed in close proximity to combustible objects such as trees and curtains, so this feature provides a lot of peace of mind during the holiday season. Since Christmas lights are usually turned on throughout the night, overheated bulbs often pose an increased risk of electrical fire. However, because LED bulbs produce light without can rest assured that they are safe, no matter how long they are left on.

    They are Sturdy and Reliable

    Unlike incandescent lights which are encased in glass or plastic casings, LED lights are encased in sturdy epoxy casing making them highly resistant to breakage. Their usage of ament lighting source also eliminates burn out and damage if they are accidentally dropped, eliminating the need for bulb replacements.

    Option of White Light or Warm Glow

    Despite these benefits, some homeowners opt to stick to the traditional Christmas lights because of their softer and more relaxing glow. It used to be that all LED bulbs offered a bright white light, but now Balsam Hill has introduced Candlelight LEDs, which let you have the best of both worlds. Candlelight LEDs emit a warmer glow and real glass casings, making them look like classic Christmas lights, but offer the energy benefits and cool running bulbs of LEDs.

    With all these pros, more people are using LED lights now than ever before. Make the switch and enjoy all the benefits of LED Christmas lights every year!

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