The bedroom is often the last place we consider decorating during Christmas season. After all, the beautiful Christmas tree is in the living room or foyer and as such, that particular area of the house is the center attraction.

Balsam Hill Frosted Evergreen Foliage on mantelChristmas decor doesn’t have to be confined in the common areas. Let your bedroom take part in the festivities with these simple decorating ideas:

  • Use beddings and linen with Christmas designs. Get a bedspread in red and green poinsettias to instantly transform the room into a holiday retreat. Use pillow cases with colorful appliqués of snowflakes or trees.
  • Put up a small artificial Christmas tree in a corner. Our 4-foot Mendocino Pine Tree is extremely adorable, with its sugar pine needles and baby pinecones. It’s perfect for making this area come alive and interesting while providing a cheery atmosphere.
  • Mount string lights on the window sill or around the tree. The twinkling effect is reminiscent of the stars in the sky, and sets the stage for a cozy and relaxing evening.
  • Choose your best Christmas family photos and put them in holiday-themed picture frames. Arrange them on the bedside table and on top of dressers. Not only do these add a decorative touch to bedroom, these also serve as constant reminders of joyful celebrations.
  • Old Christmas cards carry beautiful artwork, and most importantly, heartfelt messages.  Hang them on a string all over the room, or mount them all in one wall.
  • Create a Christmas vignette on the bedside table or dresser. Snow globes, candles, and Christmas balls in a clear glass bowl are just some of the many combinations that you can try.
  • For a winter wonderland atmosphere, cut up some paper snowflakes and hang them on the windows. They will bring a smile to your face as soon as you wake up in the morning—a great way to start the day!

The living room does not have to be the only place that carries the joy of season. Bring a cozy version of the holiday atmosphere in your bedroom and be in high spirits wherever you may be.  Happy decorating!

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