In just a few weeks, Christmas will be upon us, with its message of love, generosity, and good cheer. At Balsam Hill, it is also a season of giving thanks for all the blessings throughout the year. Balsam Hill firmly believes that lending a helping hand is of utmost importance, and this has led them to work closely with different charities in the past.

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This year, I am excited to share with you a very special collaboration between Balsam Hill and Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children (CSAAC). CSAAC has dedicated 36 years to the care and support of children and adults diagnosed with autism. Their services have enabled many individuals with autism to go beyond society’s perceived limitations, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest.

Fernando during one of the lessons
Fernando during one of the lessons

This organization’s advocacy is close to my heart, as I have personally experienced the challenges that parents raising children with special needs have to overcome. When I see a parent with a special needs child at an airport, I’m struck by the fact that I don’t even know their name but I know so much about them. It is because I know their life and their concerns.

Seeing joy on children's faces is priceless
Seeing joy on children’s faces is priceless

As parents of a special needs child who is cognitively impaired, life has planned an interesting road for us. There have been significant swings of emotions, from my child’s early years to adulthood. In the beginning, the most we could do was to try to understand the situation and what needs to be done. There was a sobering feeling as our child grew into her teens, as there are so many new experiences for her to try, like driving, voting, college, and apprenticing.

Our overarching fear is how she would cope when my husband and I are no longer around. The pressing need was to prepare her the best as we could by planning for the future and giving her the skills to be as independent as possible. Many people don’t realize that those with special needs have the same desires and hopes as their peers. They just require extra care and guidance in achieving their dreams.

Ike enjoying interaction with four-legged friends
Ike enjoying interaction with four-legged friends

What impressed me the most about CSAAC was that they provide support for special needs people spanning all ages, from early intervention to adulthood. CSAAC enhances lives by providing a nurturing community that neither coddles nor hides away those diagnosed with autism. They equip individuals with all they need to contribute to society, opening doors and shattering misconceptions by helping others to recognize them for the wonderful people they are.

Do visit the blog over the next week as we reveal more about this special collaboration.

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