Christmas is at the heart of what we do here at Balsam Hill, and what better time to give back than during the Yuletide season? In November, we launched our Season of Giving campaign as part of our efforts to raise awareness for different charities and their worthy causes.

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One of this year’s featured charities is Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children (CSAAC), which our brand ambassador Dagmar introduced to us in her post. We also got a chance to know more about them through an exclusive Q&A, detailing what inspires them to reach out to those in need. We’re taking a look at their beautifully decorated Balsam Hill Christmas tree today and learn more about the special ornaments they used.

The lovely people at CSAAC graciously answered our questions on how they decorated their tree and the inspiration behind it in the Q&A below.


BH: Did you have a specific decorating theme in mind heading into this collaboration?

CSAAC: We began craft classes after Thanksgiving, where the children and adults we support created the ornaments that adorn the tree. The only direction that we offered is that the individuals we support create ornaments that represent or show things that are important to them. So, really, the individuals who CSAAC serves are the ones who developed the theme of the tree.

BH: What was the inspiration behind this chosen theme?

CSAAC: We believe in fostering choice, and the logical extension of that choice was to assist the children and adults we support in developing their own path on what the tree will ultimately look like. Everything we do at CSAAC is done in an effort to develop greater independence, so a tree that is solely adorned with ornaments created by those we support seemed spot-on.

BH: Can you tell us more about the people who created the decorations for the tree?

CSAAC: Since our tree was generously donated by Balsam Hill with lights included as part of the tree, the entirety of the decorations we added to the tree were created by the individuals we support. CSAAC supports individuals across the entire lifespan, so decorations were made by youngsters through retirees and everyone in between. It is a true intergenerational endeavor.

BH: Is there a special meaning behind the ornaments you used? Do they have sentimental value for the people involved?

CSAAC: All of the ornaments were made by the children and adults CSAAC supports. That is about as special as it can get.

BH: Do you have any favorite aspects of the theme? Why?

CSAAC: The fact that the theme of the tree is individual-driven serves as a reminder for all of us that children and adults with autism have hopes, goals and dreams, and that organizations like CSAAC are there to help make those dreams come true.

BH: What was your first impression of the Balsam Hill tree? What did you love most about it?

CSAAC: The tree we received from Balsam Hill was perfect – just the right size and shape. Visitors come up to it and touch it to see if it is real. It looks great! Thank you, Balsam Hill, for your generosity and support.

You are very much welcome, CSAAC! It was a privilege to have worked with you in our Season of Giving campaign, and we hope that more people are inspired to contribute to your worthy cause. Happy holidays from your Balsam Hill family!

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