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The cold days of winter are some of the best times to invite friends and family over for a pleasant gathering. The freezing temperatures and bleak weather may be disheartening, but having your loved ones around will uplift your spirits. Here’s a short guide to turn your frosty winter evenings into cozy, warm get-togethers.

Keep It Simple

Winter Evening By The Fire

You don’t have to plan a full-blown party with catering and live music performances. Most people simply want to curl up by the fire and catch up with their loved ones. Courtney’s fireside family night is a perfect example. She set out some benches to watch the sparkling stars and flickering candles dance together in the cool outdoors.

Cheese Platter by Courtney

Even the food doesn’t have to be an extravagant feast. Something as simple as Courtney’s cheese platter is enough to satisfy her guests’ appetite and provide a calming ambience.

Remember What You Love

Granite Based Tabletop Wine Opener

Nothing warms the heart more than our favorite items, whether they be a prized delicacy or cherished activity. Melonie prepared something both she and her friend loved: wine. The whole evening was centered around sharing a glass with one another, from the Wine Barrel Lazy Susan’s convenient finger food to fun conversation pieces over a bottle of wine.

Put Your Own Twist on Tradition

Preppy Hostess Tablescape

Keep the gloom outside from seeping in by making things fresh and exciting. Find a staple dish in your family or group of friends and add your own personal touch. In Molly’s case, her roasted chicken, tri-colored potatoes, and seasonal salad created a festive and delicious atmosphere for her evening.

Use Easy-to-Clean Items

Liberty Double-Walled Beverage Tub

Once your guests leave, the dreaded clean-up remains and it can be difficult to not just leave it for tomorrow. Plan ahead by only using items that are convenient to set up and reorganize. For example, Molly’s use of the insulated Liberty Double-Walled Beverage Tub is easy to use and clean — and helps ensure the table is safe from condensation.

We hope that, even with the freezing air, you will have a tender and loving season this winter with those you care about. Have a great idea on how you would celebrate a gathering in this dreary weather? We would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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