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Balsam Hill’s Countdown to Christmas: Week 3 round-up

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For the past three weeks, our Countdown to Christmas campaign has been illuminating us with insightful looks into what the season means to different people. It’s just two days away until Christmas Day and we hope that you are as excited as we are!

Balsam Hill Countdown to Christmas

Read on for this week’s collection of festive memories and heartwarming family traditions from our blogger friends.

December 16: Amy of One Artsy Mama

Amy of One Artsy Mama
For Amy, Christmas is all about anticipation and joy, all the more so now that she has a child who allows her to see the season with new eyes. In her post, Amy shares that she and her husband take time to list down fun family activities to fill their advent calendar. She adds that they’ve had a number of advent calendars over the years, but the Embroidered Fabric Advent Calendar is her favorite.

December 17: Christine of The DIY Dreamer

Christine of The DIY Dreamer
Christmas is all about family and love, making it the most magical time of the year for Christine. Her blog post talks about some of their beloved family traditions, such as their collection of Christmas countdowns. Christine loves her Musical Advent calendar and enjoys opening the doors to listen to different Yuletide tunes.

December 18: Jennifer of Decorated Chaos

Jennifer of Decorated Chaos
Jennifer believes that Christmas is a time to focus on friends and family. In her post, she shares that it’s important to make time to enjoy the season and all the festivities it brings. Jennifer and her husband have filled their North Pole Musical Calendar with notes and candies, and she enjoys waking up each day to open yet another door.

December 19: Jane of Cottage at the Crossroads

Jane of Cottage at the Crossroads
Jane shares very interesting trivia in her blog post about the meaning of the word “Advent”. For her, Christmas is a season of hope, generosity, and a chance to spend time with family. She filled her Embroidered Fabric Advent calendar with trinkets and candy, and displays it in a frame decorated with holiday foliage.

December 20: Malia of Yesterday on Tuesday

Malia of Yesterday on Tuesday
Christmas is a joyful time to enjoy family traditions, as Malia shares on her blog post. She also reveals that she is in a way named after the season – her name in Hawaiian means “Mary”, and her second name is Noelle. She loves her new Nativity Advent calendar, which is a beautiful replacement for the childhood advent calendar they lost while moving.

December 21: Angie of Knick of Time

Angie of Knick of Time
Angie’s sweet post takes a look back on the different Christmas traditions she has treasured throughout the years. Her love of family and Christmas shines through in her words, and the Countdown to Christmas Board is a fitting way to heighten their family’s anticipation as the special day draws near.

December 22: Maria of Rusty Hinge

Maria of Rusty Hinge
Maria put her crafting skills to good use by repurposing some vintage items to beautifully enhance her Countdown to Christmas board, which is displayed on an antiqued crib base. In her post, she relates their family’s beloved tradition: every year her parents gifted them with ornaments to hang on the tree, with the year handwritten on them. The tradition continues to this day, even though she has a home of her own.

December 23: Sharon from Mrs. Hines’ Class

Sharon of Mrs Hines' Class
Christmas for Sharon’s family is all about reminiscing about Christmases past, like when she was a young girl and looking forward to the season. It is also about creating new traditions, spending time together and cherishing each day. She shared photos of her lovely home in her post, including her Musical Advent calendar.

This was another week of beautiful memories and meaningful Christmas insights from these talented bloggers. We have one day left in our giveaway, so join today for a chance to win one of 25 $100 gift cards. We’ll be announcing the winners in our wrap up post, so watch out for that over the next few days!

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