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Balsam Hill’s Countdown to Christmas: Week 2 Round-up

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Our Countdown to Christmas campaign is rolling along wonderfully since we launched it last December 1st. We’re counting down to the big day with our group of talented bloggers, highlighting fond Christmas memories and treasured holiday traditions along the way.

Balsam Hill Countdown to Christmas

For this week’s round up of bloggers, we feature some of their thoughts on what Christmas means to them, along with a small sampling of their beautiful Balsam Hill Advent calendar photos.

December 9: Mary Beth of Cupcakes and Crinoline

Mary Beth of Cupcakes and Crinoline

Mary Beth completed the thought “Christmas is…” on her blog. For her, Christmas is her favorite time of year not only because it’s a day full of nostalgia and a chance to create more happy memories. More importantly, Christmas is the day her family celebrates the birth of the Savior. She delights in introducing a new family tradition in the form of the North Pole Musical Advent calendar, which she filled with candies for her children.

December 10: Tammy of One More Time Events

Tammy of One More Time Events

Tammy created a cheery holiday vignette, accenting her North Pole Musical Advent calendar with other elements, such as a charming elf holding a letter to Santa, pinecones, and sprigs of berries. Tammy shares her thoughts on her blog – that Christmas is a time for family and loved ones to gather, reflecting on the good memories created in years past.

December 11: Sondra Lyn of Sondra Lyn at Home

Sondra Lyn at Home

Sondra Lyn shares some great tips on how to make the most out of the busy holiday season in her blog post. From starting preparations in advance to learning when to take a breather, these are wonderful ideas to lessen stress and enjoy Christmas. Her beautiful Embroidered Fabric Advent calendar is a wonderful way to heighten anticipation for the big day.

December 12: Jennifer of Pink When

Jennifer of Pink When

Jennifer’s nostalgic post was a chronicle of her early Christmas memories, a combination of traditions from when she spent some time as a child in Germany, and later on when her family moved back stateside. She recalls having advent calendars as one of their constant traditions. This year is no exception, with her Musical Advent Calendar that she filled with chocolate candy.

December 13: DeDe of Designed Décor

DeDe of Designed Decor

In her post, DeDe shares an Advent tradition introduced to her by her husband’s family. Each Sunday in Advent, they would read verses from their Bible, and serve little pizzas for their Sunday meal. The pizzas had special significance as they were homemade, prepared by siblings in a collaborative effort the day after Thanksgiving, and frozen until it was time for them to be baked. DeDe also says that she placed miniature ornaments in the pockets of her personalized Embroidered Fabric Advent Calendar, and as each day passes, they put that day’s ornament on the tree beside it.

December 14: Barbara of Just a Smidgen

Barbara of Just a Smidgen

Barbara shares her unique insights on Christmas, and how she’s aiming to have an untraditional one this year. She believes that Christmas is about far more than the traditions we’ve come to associate with it. At the heart of the season lies its message: Christmas is, simply, about love. Her Countdown to Christmas Board is given pride of place on their porch, where she and her family can enjoy its rustic and antiqued look.

December 15: Angela of Number Fifty-Three

Angela of Number Fifty-Three

Angela’s meaningful blog post took a look back at the very first Christmas she can remember, with all the bittersweet memories and happy moments that went along with it. She shares that Christmas is all about family for her, and is a time to reflect and give thanks. Her family loves their Countdown to Christmas Board, especially her 13-year-old son who changes out the numbers daily.

It was another wonderful week of meaningful thoughts and insights, making us appreciate and anticipate Christmas Day even more. Thank you to this week’s gracious bloggers! Come back soon for our next Countdown to Christmas feature, and join our giveaway for a chance to win one of 25 $100 gift cards.

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