Just over a week ago, we announced the start of Balsam Hill’s Countdown to Christmas, a special campaign featuring 23 talented bloggers who are helping us count down to the most anticipated day of the year.

Balsam Hill's Countdown to Christmas

Our brand ambassador, Dagmar Obert, kicked off the campaign on December 1 with her Balsam Hill advent calendar and personal insight on what “Christmas is” to her. Today, we feature our first round of bloggers and some of the beautiful images and thoughts that they shared on their respective sites.

December 2: Crystal of A Pumpkin and A Princess

North Pole Musical Advent Calendar

Our first blogger, Crystal, expressed her happiness over incorporating the North Pole Musical Advent Calendar into her family’s holiday traditions this year. She placed candies, miniature ornaments, and fun activities behind each door, a practice that her family is sure to enjoy.

December 3: Meegan of What Meegan Makes

Musical Advent Calendar

Meegan, proud grandparent to 24 grandkids, picked our Musical Advent Calendar. She loves that it has 24 doors – one for each grandchild. The calendar became home to vintage angels, ornaments, and nativity figurines. Meegan shares that Christmas for her is a time to fill your home with love.

December 4: Angie of Postcards from the Ridge

Countdown to Christmas Board

Angie featured our Countdown to Christmas Board in her blog post, detailing their beloved tradition of taking photos of her daughters, and sending these out with their yearly holiday greetings. The countdown board looks great surrounded by photos past and present, showing how their family has grown through the years.

December 5: Christy from Our Southern Home

Musical Advent Calendar

This Musical Advent Calendar takes pride of place in a cozy nook of Christy’s home, as seen in her blog post. She filled her calendar with trinkets like candies, ornaments, and even nail polish for a unique touch. Christy caps off her post by sharing that, for her, Christmas is all about creating special memories with family.

December 6: Amy of Eat Sleep Decorate

Embroidered Fabric Advent Calendar

Christmas is about sharing time with loved ones, according to Amy. Her blog post shows us her beautiful Embroidered Fabric Advent Calendar, which she had personalized with their family name. She plans on filling her calendar with activities for the children, to make the season even more meaningful.

December 7: Robin of All Things Heart and Home

Embroidered Fabric Advent Calendar

In Robin’s blog post, she shares her earliest memory of Christmas Eve and the accompanying realization of the significance of the season. She continues by describing how she and her husband plan to fill their Embroidered Fabric Advent Calendar with ways to let their children experience what Christmas is for them in a nutshell: Christmas is LOVE.

December 8: Pam of House of Hawthornes

North Pole Musical Advent Calendar

Pam’s North Pole Musical Advent Calendar is rustic and beautiful, and filled with ornaments and miniature snowmen. She reveals what Christmas means to her, and relates the care and dedication she gives to make the season more meaningful for her family.

What a week it has been! Thank you to these wonderful bloggers for sharing their fondest memories and traditions with us. Come back soon for more on our holiday series, and make sure to join our Countdown to Christmas giveaway for a chance to win one of 25 $100 Balsam Hill gift cards.

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