Powered by Mom celebrates Christmas in July by raising money for charity. Get to know Amy, her beneficiary and her answers to our questions about the virtues of generosity and compassion with this post from the Balsam Hill blog.

Michelle Sutter has always worked hard to be a positive influence to others. Whether it’s through her work in universities or her interactions with others on the internet, she makes it a point to share her optimism no matter how difficult a situation may be. And through her wonderful blog, Powered By Mom, Michelle is able to connect with more people and touch their lives more closely than before. Her arts and crafts are constant sources of inspiration to followers.

In the spirit of helping out her community, Michelle has joined up with Balsam Hill for our Christmas in July charity campaign. As one of our inspirational bloggers whose story and advocacy are more than worthy of recognition, Michelle shares her positivity with others by extending a helping hand to her chosen charitable organization.

Hope for Paws: Animal Rescue Organization

Hope for Paws is a volunteer group close to Michelle’s heart. This non-profit organization aims to rescue sick and abandoned animals who are suffering on the streets and in shelters. Their main goal is to educate others on the importance of companion animals in our society. In her interview with Balsam Hill, Michelle shares her enthusiasm in being able to help out Hope for Paws. “The name says it all, but this organization has rescued hundreds of animals from extremely poor conditions, abusive conditions and more,” says Michelle. “I am an animal advocate and lover and supporting an organization that rescues animals is one of my top priorities.”

BH: Could you tell us a bit about the cause you’re supporting and what it means to you?

Michelle: Hope for Paws animal rescue. The name says it all but this organization has rescued hundreds of animals from extremely poor conditions, abusive conditions and more. Some of the rescues are nothing short of heartbreaking and then heartwarming.

BH: Deciding on a charity to support can be difficult. What led you to choose the charity you’re helping for this campaign?

Michelle: I’ve partially answered this in #1. Animal rescues would be at the top of my list. It was hard to select just one but I like everything that Hope for Paws stands for, they do amazing work.

BH: Charity and giving are two things that are often associated with the holiday season, but can be easy to forget in our day-to-day lives. Do you have any tips for how people can incorporate the spirit of giving more into their everyday lives?

Michelle: Set up monthly donations even if it’s $5 a month via Paypal. Skip the latte only one day a week and there’s your $5. This money can make a difference to a charity. If everyone did that, it would have an amazing impact.

BH: How do you encourage your kids to be giving?

Michelle: We volunteer at a local pet shelter, donate to the food bank and talk about how we can share with others.

BH: Is there a time when your children acted generously in a way that surprised and delighted you?

Michelle: My daughter asked to not be given presents for her birthday and to instead send donations to a wildlife animal preserve.

BH: What do you think is a simple way people can give back to their communities?

Michelle: Donate non-perishable foods to your local food bank and volunteer where it costs you nothing but your time.

To see Balsam Hill’s list of philanthropic work, please visit our Charity Events page.

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