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Christmas has always been about spending time with family. It is an excellent opportunity to take a breather from work and catch up with loved ones. And for some, the Yuletide season is also the best time to build and strengthen bonds with new friends.

This is why we, at Balsam Hill UK, are happy to introduce our newest group of blogger friends. Each one of these amazing people embody the values that make celebrating Christmas much more meaningful and memorable. We are already looking forward for more collaboration in the future.

Carole King of Dear Designer

Carole King's Vancouver Spruce Christmas Tree
Carole King’s Vancouver Spruce Christmas Tree

For Carole King of Dear Designer, being an interior designer can be a challenge sometimes. There is always the pressure of having to come up with a picture-perfect display with each project. She feels that her guests expect to see a Disney-esque wonderland every time they step into her home, and for her Christmas display last season, the expectation was no different.

In order to create her charming Christmas display, Carole went with Balsam Hill UK’s Vancouver Spruce. Choosing to go with a more eclectic theme, Carole complemented the realistic foliage of the Christmas tree with a scheme of black ornaments and gold baubles. The evergreen needles of the tree allowed the metallic ornaments to shine especially when combined with the bright clear lights, creating a simple yet enchanting centerpiece for her living room.

Jennifer Jain of Jennifer’s Little World

Jennifer Jain's European Silver Fir Christmas Tree
Jennifer Jain’s European Silver Fir Christmas Tree

Jennifer Jain of Jennifer’s Little World has always been a fan of artificial Christmas trees. Since their family is often away from home during Christmas, Jennifer prefers artificial evergreens because they last longer. She also loves their uniform look. And when she was asked to decorate a Balsam Hill UK Christmas tree, she was more than happy for the opportunity

Last season, Jennifer took on decorating the European Silver Fir Christmas tree with Candlelight LEDs. According to her post, the first thing she noticed was the convenience of the tree’s pre-lit design. She says she used to struggle arranging the Christmas lights for their old tree.  Jennifer also loved how realistic the foliage of the European Silver Fir looked, from its each lifelike branches down to its intricate needles. The Christmas tree was so beautiful that they chose not to overload it with too many ornaments. The Candlelight LEDs also gave their new Christmas display with a softer glow, unlike with their previous artificial Christmas trees.

Emma Smith of My Little 3 and Me

Emma Smith's European Silver Fir Christmas Tree
Emma Smith’s European Silver Fir Christmas Tree

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, Emma Smith of My Little 3 and Me prefers the natural look of fresh trees. However, her allergy to Christmas trees has always kept her from creating her dream display. For years, she had to make do with less elegant artificial Christmas that just could not give her that perfect Yuletide experience. It all changed when she received her Balsam Hill UK Christmas tree.

Compared to her previous artificial Christmas trees, Emma’s European Silver Fir was an instant hit for her. As Emma shares in her post, she just loves the tree’s stunning foliage made of 2559 highly realistic needles. European Silver Fir is so much fuller and more elegant than their old Christmas tree. Emma also noticed the unique glow of the energy-efficient Candlelight LEDs, giving her display a heart-warming appeal.

Michaela Mildenhall of Pop Art Rock Girl Yeah!

Michaela Mildenhall's Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas Tree
Michaela Mildenhall’s Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas Tree

As an interior decorator, Michaela Mildenhall of Pop Art Rock Girl Yeah!teaches her readers about the fine art of choosing items for the home. From shopping for the perfect furniture to picking out the ideal art pieces to make a statement, she walks her followers through the many intricacies of home decorating. As part of her Christmas decorating series, we asked Michaela to decorate her own home with one of our Balsam Hill UK artificial Christmas trees and she obliged.    

Powering through her busy schedule, Michaela was able to adorn our 4-foot Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas tree. While she was quite captivated by the tree’s unmatched lifelike quality, she was even more impressed with how easy it was to set up the Christmas tree. As Michaela shares in her article, it only took her about 3 minutes to assemble the tree and another 5 minutes to shape the branches. This makes the Berkshire Mountain Fir a dream to put up.

John Bloodworth of Gentleman Crafter

John Bloodworth's Norway Spruce Christmas Tree
John Bloodworth’s Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

For Gentleman Crafter’s John Bloodworth, there never was any need to put up a Christmas tree in his home. According to his article, since her rarely had people over during Christmas, it was much easier for him to visit other people’s homes instead. However, keeping in line with his practical crafting tips, John took on the challenge of giving one of our Christmas trees his unique do-it-yourself style.

With our Balsam Hill UK Norway Spruce Christmas tree in mind, John set out preparing for his first Christmas display. The first thing that impressed John was when he saw how well-packaged the tree was in the box. It came with a comprehensive yet easy to understand instructional guide and a pair of gloves to protect hands during assembly.

While setting up his Christmas tree, John also noticed how convenient it was as he only needed to attach the sections of the tree together and shape the branches. He also liked how easy it was to connect the pre-lit lights, unlike with most other artificial Christmas trees. To complete his first display, John planned to adorn his Norway Spruce with 100% DIY Christmas ornaments.

Kath of All That Glitter

Kath's Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas Tree
Kath’s Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas Tree

Christmas is always a joy for Kath of All That Glitter. For this avid DIY crafter, the season provides excellent opportunities for her to come up with lovely crafting projects and share them with her friends and readers. It was her enthusiasm for everything Christmas that made us excited about asking her to decorate one of our Christmas trees. Judging from what we’ve seen in her post, we made the right choice.

Decking her halls with our lovely Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas tree, Kath embellished her tree with ornaments in classic Yuletide colours. The evergreen needles served as an excellent backdrop for the shiny red and gold Christmas balls. Whether it is beside the fireplace or under the staircase, Kath’s well-decorated Berkshire Mountain Fir adds the perfect highlight for her home.

Vicky Hayes of Crafting Clare’s Paper Moments

Vicky Hayes's Vancouver Spruce Christmas Tree
Vicky Hayes’s Vancouver Spruce Christmas Tree

Every Christmas season, Vicky Hayes of Crafting Clare’s Paper Moments chooses a fresh Christmas tree to highlight their home. This year, however, they had to go with an artificial one. With their new puppy at home, they didn’t want to worry about their furry friend eating the pine needles. When we offered her a Balsam Hill UK Christmas tree to review, Vicky was happy to lend a helping.

With the help of her daughter and good Christmas music in the background to boot, Vicky went on to decorate our 4-foot Vancouver Spruce artificial Christmas tree. She loved how neatly the tree was stored in the package and how easy it was to assemble. To make it even more stylish and rustic, she put the tree in a wicker pot then filled it with stones and gravel to keep it stable. Shen then added a few hand-crafted ornaments, such as mini crackers, designer paper baubles, and clay snowflakes, in a red, gold, and white colour scheme.

Bev Rochester of All the Things I Love

Bev Rochester's St. Moritz Christmas Tree
Bev Rochester’s St. Moritz Christmas Tree

As the Christmas season was approaching, Bev Rochester of All the Things I Love already made up her mind of not gracing their lounge with a Christmas tree this year. With her husband having gone through joint replacements, she just didn’t want him to worry about setting up their 7.5-foot Christmas tree. But when we asked her to review our 4-foot St. Moritz Spruce artificial Christmas tree, she quickly made plans to welcome a new member of their home.

Bev chose to embellish her St. Moritz Spruce with a collection of red, gold, and pink ornaments. With its full-figured frame, the tree provided ample space for all the different ornamentations. The smaller design, on the other hand, allowed it to fit any corner of the home. The high quality and realism of the foliage also helped make our Christmas tree more endearing to Bev and her family.

Cheryl of Time to Craft

Cheryl's Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas Tree
Cheryl’s Berkshire Mountain Fir Christmas Tree

As far as artificial Christmas trees go, Cheryl of Time to Craft prefers something that would fit the look of her kitchen well. In her post, Cheryl shares that she spends more time in the kitchen than any other place of their home, so it was only right to have their Christmas tree set up there. She found the ideal tree for her need in our charming 4-foot Berkshire Mountain Fir.

In order to match the rustic appeal of their cottage home, Cheryl opted to decorate her Berkshire Fir in a simple scheme. The colourful hand-crafted ornaments she used gave the tree a unique look, enough to highlight the tree’s evergreen foliage yet still keep in line with the overall theme of simplicity. The Berkshire Fir’s small design allowed Cheryl to conveniently relocate her tree from the kitchen to their conservatory when their pet dog started to snoop around the tree.

Jen Nelson of The Tiny Blue Butterfly

Jen Nelson's Noble Fir Christmas Wreath
Jen Nelson’s Noble Fir Christmas Wreath

The Tiny Blue Butterfly’s Jen Nelson decorated her home with Balsam Hill UK’s Noble Fir Christmas Wreath. Choosing a theme that highlights beauty in simplicity, she left her Christmas wreath unadorned to bring out its lifelike elegance. The superb realism of the foliage brought about by its deep evergreen colour and detailing worked well with Jen’s simple decorating scheme. The soft bright glow of its professionally hand-strung lights also added a warm inviting glow to her display.

Christine Emberson of Hope & Chances Creativity

Christine Emberson's Norway Spruce Christmas Wreath
Christine Emberson’s Norway Spruce Christmas Wreath

Christine of Hope & Chances Creativity takes her arts and crafts to heart. Even when she’s not working on a project, Christine still finds ways to spend her time playing with paper. That was why when we asked her if she could decorate our Norway Spruce Christmas Wreath, she gladly worked her magic to make our wreath even more beautiful.

Impressed by how full and shapely the foliage was on the Norway Spruce wreath, Christine chose a theme that would allow these features to stand out in her display. She created an adorable burlap ribbon with poinsettia flowers as an accent piece for the Christmas wreath in order to highlight its rustic charm.

Daisy Jones of Lazy Daisy Jones

Daisy Jones' Noble Fir Christmas Wreath
Daisy Jones’ Noble Fir Christmas Wreath

Christmas decorating is not always about creating grand displays with a multitude of ornaments. Sometimes the beauty of display comes from the simplicity of its arrangement. This is what Daisy Jones of Lazy Daisy Jones featured in her article during the Christmas season.

By using Balsam Hill UK’s Noble Fir Christmas Wreath as her primary decorative piece, Daisy combined different elements in her display in order to create a simply yet charming scene. Whether it was indoors or outdoors, the rustic elegance of the Noble Fir wreath was on full display in Daisy’s decorating themes.

Marianne’s Craftroom

Marianne's Norway Spruce Christmas Wreath
Marianne’s Norway Spruce Christmas Wreath

Always one to take on a decorating challenge, Marianne of Marianne’s Craftroom was very enthusiastic when we asked her to adorn one of our Christmas wreaths last season. Choosing the Norway Spruce Christmas Wreath for this project, Marianne decorated her wreath using elements in their dining room such as colours of the walls and dining table. She embellished the foliage with orange and gold Christmas balls and miniature gift box ornaments then added a lovely gold ribbon on top of the wreath to complement the look of the room.

Enfys Cashmore of Going Buggy

Enfys Cashmore's Norway Spruce Christmas Wreath
Enfys Cashmore’s Norway Spruce Christmas Wreath

As soon as Enfys Cashmore of Going Buggy received her Balsam Hill UK Norway Spruce Christmas Wreath, she quickly went about decorating this lovely Christmas piece. According to her post, she was so enthusiastic about the project that when the package arrived, she already had a wintry harvest theme in her mind. Enfys sprayed the foliage of the wreath with white paint as artificial flock then adorned it with luscious miniature apples and pinecones. She completed the look by tying an adorable bow on the wreath.

While the next Christmas season may still be a few months away, we’re already excited about working with our blogger friends.

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