Rounding out Day 2 of Balsam Hill’s Tastemakers is the woman behind So Much Better With Age. Jamie spent years as a medical office assistant before she realized that blogging and decorating were her true loves. The blog is her outlet for sharing her passions: decorating, photography, crafting, baking, and more. She writes about all things French and vintage, her design inspirations, and chronicles her challenges and triumphs in her special blog segment, “Life Series”.

Balsam Hill Tastemakers 2016: Jamie of So Much Better with Age

Jamie decorated our Pikes Peak Tree for the 12 Bloggers of Christmas Campaign 2014. She showcased her love for whites and neutrals and embellished her Christmas tree with vintage-inspired, French ornaments and finials. The understated neutral tones complemented the beautiful white foliage, while her DIY Joyeux Noel sign added a personal touch to her tree.

Jamie's White Pikes Peak Christmas Tree
Jamie’s 2014 Pikes Peak Tree with Neutral Ornaments

This year, she opts for a snow-kissed, wintry look and adorns her Christmas tree with our Crystal Palace Ornament Set.

Jamie's Crystal Palace Ornaments
Jamie’s Crystal Palace Ornaments

On her essential holiday decorating tip, Jamie shares, “My essential holiday decorating tip would be to decorate with as many natural elements as possible and things you love. I always decorate each year with crocks (like my Crock-mas tree). Crocks are not a Christmas item, but I love them so I find creative ways to use them. I might add a bunch of evergreen branches to a crock and nestle it into a corner of my kitchen. By doing this, it brings in some greenery and it’s in something I love. Just decorating a corner with greenery can make it feel Christmas-y without being overdone.

Sometimes with blogging, we tend to overdecorate, and what I meant by that is we may need to add a bunch of great items, a chair, an old trunk, for example, right in front of the tree for the shot. Things behind the camera can look much different than in real life and can read very ‘blah’ without some extra elements. A good rule of them is to take elements of what you love in that photo you see from a blog or magazine and make it your own. I think the one area that we can ‘overdecorate’ is the Christmas tree! It always looks good with more rather than less ;)”

Read more about how Jamie embellished her tree with our Crystal Palace Ornament Set. Visit our blog again tomorrow for more updates on our Tastemakers!

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