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How to Decorate Your Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

As the holiday season draws closer, we look forward to bringing the magic of Christmas into our home with a picture-perfect tree display. Make your holiday centerpiece effortlessly beautiful with Balsam Hill Christmas trees and décor.

Let’s highlight the decorations you need to fully adorn your Christmas tree.

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Before you start, choose a decorating theme to guide you in what pieces, color palette, and designs to use. Then, follow these 6 steps to Christmas tree decorating:

  1. Place the Christmas tree topper. If you have a tree that’s above standard height, place the tree topper on the topmost section upon tree set-up. There’s less risk of dislodging decorations than if it’ll be attached later on. If your tree topper is on the heavier side, consider a Tree Topper Stabilization Kit to keep it upright.
  2. String the Christmas tree lights. Use the plug as your starting point and wrap the light strand around the tree trunk. Work your way upward, distributing lights evenly around the inner branches. Weave the strand alternately, going under a branch, then over a branch, and so on. When you’ve reached the top of the tree, move downward, this time positioning the lights further out on the branch tips. Balsam Hill pre-lit Christmas trees are a convenient alternative to hanging your own lights. Our high-quality lights are professionally hand-strung so you can skip this step and save some time and effort.
  3. Drape Christmas garlands or Christmas tree ribbons. Place them before other décor to avoid covering any ornaments. From the top of the tree, wind your ribbon downward or drape from branch to branch in a diagonal manner. Use small clips or ties to keep them in place if needed. Another option is to hang ribbon strands vertically. Cut six to eight strips of ribbon at least a foot longer than your tree’s height. Attach them on top and let them flow down your tree, occasionally tucking in between branches. Wide, wired ribbons work best as they easily keep their shape.
  4. Hang Christmas ornaments, starting with your favorite pieces. Tuck large ornaments in the inner branches to create depth. Then, place smaller ornaments on the outer branches. Cluster two to three different Christmas ornaments together for texture and variety. Step back and check if your ornaments are distributed evenly.
  5. Fill gaps with accents such as Christmas tree picks and sprays. Insert them into branches then adjust to your desired position.
  6. Cover the base with a Christmas tree skirt or a tree collar that complements your theme. It gives your decorated tree that polished designer touch.

Learn everything you need to know about Christmas tree decorations with our comprehensive guide.

Browse Balsam Hill’s wide assortment of Christmas tree decorations and accessories.

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