Shopping for Christmas decorations is fun and exciting, but can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. With all the options and new features available,  you’d want to know which items are right for you. Here is a list of terms from A-Z to help you choose which Balsam Hill™ pieces best fulfill your decorating needs.

Advent calendar: Originally used in German tradition. A Christmas calendar with small numbered flaps, boxes, or compartments that reveal a special holiday treat.

Antiqued: A technique to make a new object appear gently weathered, usually through variance in texture and/or color.

Berries: Small decorative accents made of hand-painted plastic or foam, designed to look like realistic berries. These are not edible.

Branch Sample Kit: Balsam Hill’s exclusive Branch Sample Kits contain individual branches of some of the most popular BH trees. Available in Small (8 samples) and Large (22 samples).

Bulb remover tool: Used to remove an individual bulb in case of burnout or breakage; Also helps protect the fingernails when attempting to remove the bulb.

Candlelight™ LED bulbs: Balsam Hill’s Candlelight LED Bulbs give a warm, yellowish glow similar to a traditional incandescent bulb, using the efficiency of LED without the harsh white glare.

Centerpiece: A foliage item designed to be placed on a table, often with a middle opening for a candle.

Christmas Scents: Fragrances commonly associated with Christmas, such as cinnamon, hazelnut, citrus, and pine, among others; May be in the form of scented ornament sticks, diffusers, or oils.

Christmas pyramid: An ornate decorative piece traditionally made out of wood, characterized by having a fan or propeller at the peak and candleholders at the base. Once the candles are lit, the heat generated powers the propeller. Also called German pyramid or candle carousel, it typically has a carved tableau or figurines which also move as the propeller spins.

Classic Needles: Refers to a thin, papery style of tree needles that are made from PVC. This is the common style of needles typical of many artificial Christmas trees. Balsam Hill’s traditional trees use 100% Classic needles.

Cloche: A bell-shaped dome that is commonly used to display plants, cover food, create centerpieces, or protect delicate objects such as souvenirs or collectibles. Typically made of glass, stainless steel, or silver.

Color + Clear™: A tree with Color + Clear lights can be lit one of three ways: with multi-colored lights, clear lights, or both. It comes with a small remote that allows a user to select any of these options. Note that the lights do not automatically change from multi to clear. This is the only type of lighting option with a remote control.

Corner tree: A tree designed to fit snugly in a corner (essentially 1/4 or a 90-degree wedge of a tree). Ideal for small spaces.

Decorated wreaths: Wreaths that are pre-decorated with traditional, realistic, or most realistic accents. Available pre-lit or unlit.

Easy Plug™: Exclusive Balsam Hill technology with electrical power built directly within the pole for quick and easy assembly. Each section lights up accordingly after the tree is plugged in.

Flameless Candle: Candles that feature the innovative Luminara™ LED lighting technology. Recreates the flickering effect of actual flames.

Balsam Hill pre-lit flat back tree against white wall
Balsam Hill’s Fifth Avenue Flatback

Flatback Tree: A tree that has been designed as if it were cut in half vertically, so as to lay flat against a wall. Ideal for small spaces.

Flip Tree™: Exclusive to Balsam Hill, the tree is stored upside-down on a built-in rolling stand and flips into display position in seconds. Only the top section of the tree needs to be lifted during setup.

Flocking: An added element to a tree that creates a frosted or snow-like effect.

Fluffing: The technique in shaping a foliage item, such as a tree, wreath, or garland, to achieve its fullest and ideal shape.

Foot pedal: A circular, step-on pedal connected to the bottom section of a tree, via a cord with a plug on one end. Designed for hands-free on/off functionality.

Full: The standard or traditional tree profile, characterized by a wide silhouette and abundant foliage. Ideal for decorating larger spaces.

Garland: A long segment of foliage generally used on fireplace mantels, doors, and windows; can be decorated and/or pre-lit.

Heavenly Christmas Lights: Refers to either Clear or Multicolor incandescent lights included in our pre-lit Christmas trees and décor. The lights are professionally hand-strung to reduce the appearance of wires.

Hooked branches: On an artificial Christmas tree, individual branches are inserted around the center pole. No Balsam Hill tree has hooked branches as they make for very laborious setup.

Hurricane: A wide cylindrical candle or candleholder. These are often found in the middle of a centerpiece.

Instant Evergreen™: Instant Evergreen technology provides the easiest setup of all. Branches with memory wire are already shaped so that they fall right into place after the section is untied. This greatly reduces the amount of shaping and fluffing after the tree is taken out of the box.

Luminara™ LED: Developed by Disney’s Imagineers. Technology that provides the realistic glow and flicker to our Miracle Flame candles using focused, energy-efficient LED lights.

Balsam Hill's Mercury Glass Candle Holder
Balsam Hill’s Mercury Glass Votive Holder

Mercury glass: Thick, double-walled glass that has silvery material in between its layers. Does not contain actual mercury.

Miracle Flame: Candles that glow with the same flicker of a real candle flame. A combination of energy-efficient LED lights and magnets for safe and long-lasting lighting.

Most Realistic: Trees with superior realism. Primarily uses True Needle™ foliage to accurately mimic the color, texture, and structure of real evergreen trees.

Narrow: Typically smaller in width compared to full Christmas trees.

Nativity: A décor item with figurines depicting a Christmas scene, usually with the Holy Family (Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph); may include a stable, animals, shepherds, angels, wise men, etc.

Nutcracker: A figurine that doubles as a device used to crack nuts. Balsam Hill’s Nutcrackers should be used for decorative purposes only.

Ornament: A decorative trinket usually used on a Christmas tree. It can be representative of an object, such as a Santa figurine, or a simple shape, such as a ball. Usually made of glass, but can also be made of wood, porcelain, clay, fabric, etc. Ornaments are often sold individually or in coordinating sets.

Parts kit: Every Balsam Hill tree comes with a parts kit that includes 2 pairs of protective gloves, replacement hinge pins, and washers. Pre-lit trees include a bulb remover tool and extra bulbs and fuses.

Beautiful red velvet poinsettias placed in between evergreen foliage
Balsam Hill’s Velvet Poinsettia Picks

Picks: Decorations that are long, slender sticks, and are inserted within the branches of a Christmas tree. They are often floral, beaded or otherwise embellished.

Potted Tree: A tree in an ornamental pot (which may or may not be removable/interchangeable). It is often shorter than a typical Christmas tree. Mostly used as a decorative accent than as the main holiday tree.

Remote control: A small electronic on/off device for lights on a Color + Clear™ tree, which is the only model with a remote; all others have a foot pedal instead. Light options on the remote are: clear lights only, multi-colored lights only, both sets on, or all sets off.

Rolling tree stand: A mobile tree base that allows convenient tree setup and storage with a simple push. Adjustable, pre-assembled for convenience, and available in two sizes: Regular (for trees up to 9′ high) and Extra Large (for trees up to 12′ high).

Slim: The most slender profile that Balsam Hill has to offer. Ideal for limited spaces.

Snow globe: A large glass ball with figurines or a scene depicted within, set on a stand for mantel or table display. Water and artificial snow rest at the bottom and can be set into motion by gently shaking the globe.

Swag: A symmetrical piece of ornamental greenery used on a mailbox, door, or mantel.

Teardrop: An asymmetrical, almost triangular-shaped piece of ornamental greenery, generally used on a door or as an additional decoration.

Throw: A small, decorative blanket usually used in the living room.

Topiary: A small, ornamental tree clipped into a decorative shape. Generally used on patios, as a flank on a doorway, or as a corner space accent.

Tree Skirt: A wide circular covering for the base of a Christmas tree usually made from fabric. It often depicts a holiday scene or sentiment. Balsam Hill recommends to aim for a size 1.5 to 2 feet wider than the width of the actual tree.

Tree stand: A sturdy, X-shaped metal base for a tree made from steel. Included in every Balsam Hill™ tree purchase and is designed to hold the weight and height of that particular tree. The total stated height of the tree includes how tall the tree stand is.

Tree topper: A decorative accent used to adorn the top of a Christmas tree. Typically intricate or takes the form of popular Yuletide symbols such as a star or an angel.

True Needle™: True Needles are the most realistic artificial Christmas tree foliage. Made from injection-molded plastic, they are three-dimensional and are more true to life, versus thin and paper-like PVC needles (called Classic needles).

Votive: A small, short candle, often used in a holder.

Outdoor Safe Meadow Wreath

Wreath: A circular decoration with a mixture of foliage, often used on doors and windows. May be decorated/undecorated, lit or unlit. Balsam Hill offers year-round and seasonal wreaths to fit many décor needs.

Familiarize yourself with these terms to make shopping for holiday décor a smoother and more convenient experience. Explore Balsam Hill’s complete collection of products by visiting our site here.

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