Here at Balsam Hill, we take great pride in crafting some of the most realistic artificial Christmas in the market. Our goal is to capture the beauty of real evergreens down to its minutest detail in order to provide homeowners with the best quality Christmas tree that would last them for years. We make sure that each Balsam Hill Christmas tree is unique and special to match any decorating theme.

Revelstoke National Park
The Picturesque Landscape of Revelstoke National Park, BC, Canada

In this edition of Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Inspirations, we feature one of our newest artificial Christmas tree creations: the Revelstoke Fir. Inspired by the captivating charm of Canada’s vast forests, our tree lets you bring the elegance of the north to your home.

The Origin of the Revelstoke Fir

Majestic Slim Firs
The Majestic Slim Firs of the Revelstoke Ski Resort

Our Revelstoke Fir Christmas tree takes inspiration from the breathtaking wintry woodlands of Canada. While on a skiing trip at the world-famous Revelstoke Ski resort in British Columbia, one of our designers came across a lovely tree that caught his attention. The region is known for their towering native evergreens that dot the snow-covered landscapes, and the tree that our designer saw was a beautifully slim fir with downward sloping branches.

Revelstoke Firs
The Downward Sloping Branches of Revelstoke Firs

The irregularity of its profile combined with its majestic height gives the tree its distinct and graceful look. It is this same unique charm that has motivated our team to recreate this Revelstoke fir to grace holiday homes.

Recreating the Revelstoke Fir’s Unmatched Elegance

The Lifelike Needles and Stems
The Lifelike Needles and Stems on Balsam Hill’s Revelstoke Fir

In designing our rendition of the Revelstoke Fir, we make use of our exclusive True Needle™ technology to capture the full likeness of the real tree. In this process, each needle and branch are carefully crafted using molds patterned after live tree cuttings. This allows our artificial Christmas trees to mimic the natural foliage of real evergreens, from its deep-green needles to its brown stems and branches.

The Narrow Profile of the Revelstoke Fir
The Statuesque Profile of the Balsam Hill’s Revelstoke Fir

Our Balsam Hill Revelstoke Fir also features the same statuesque profile of its renowned inspiration. Its tall narrow frame is complemented by downward sloping branches with upward tapered tips, making it an ideal choice for hanging light ornaments. This slim silhouette is what makes our Revelstoke Fir a sophisticated holiday highlight perfect for smaller spaces.

The Clear Lights on the Revelstoke Fir
The Bright Clear Lights on Balsam Hill’s Revelstoke Fir

To make your holiday celebrations warmer and more inviting, our Revelstoke Fir Christmas tree is designed with professionally hand-strung clear lights that bathe our tree in magnificent brilliance.

This holiday season, fill your home with the enchanting elegance of the Great White North with our Balsam Hill Revelstoke Fir Christmas tree.

Photo by Steve Singer via Flickr. CC BY-ND 2.0

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