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Hi Dagmar,

I want my family to still be able to gather in our outdoor spaces even as it gradually gets colder deep into the fall season. Is there any way I can make my porch warm and cozy for autumn?



Hi Sharon,

The first thing you have to consider when making your porch warm and cozy for autumn is the theme and atmosphere that you want to showcase. Are you going for a rustic look with natural accents or a more traditional one with bright-colored accessories and fall harvest adornments?

Color and texture, which have a lot of visual power, are also important things to take into consideration. There are things from our surroundings that can add a burst of color. These can become the primary source of warmth. You can use pumpkins, gourds, painted milk cans and furniture like a bench or an old window frame. These items have hints of their own drama and history that would make a statement perfect for the beginning of fall and the upcoming holiday season.

Wall décor is also a great way to add a touch of warmth to your porch. Hang signage above the porch swing or just lean a wooden painted picture or poster on a board to enrich your area. There are several pieces today that feature words and images, each conveying both style and sentiment.

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When it comes to texture, a throw or pillow on your outdoor seating areas will evoke an inviting atmosphere. The texture that a pillow and a snuggly blanket can provide is a marvelous way to make your porch cozier, especially for those days in the fall that are great for sipping hot cider.

You can also add a fire pit to make your porch warm enough for the duration of the fall and winter. The wood not only adds visual texture, but also provides heat for your family’s comfort and enjoyment.


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