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Dear Dagmar,

Fall is my favorite time of the year. For this beautiful season, how can I make my al fresco spaces look stunning with lighting?



Hi Christina,

As the days get shorter and colder, we begin to lock ourselves inside our homes for warmth. Seeing less sunlight signals us that the holidays are only a few months away. However, we can already enjoy the glow and glamor brought by the holidays as early as now by decorating our homes with various lighting options. Candles, string lights, and light fixture replacements are just some of the ways to bring illumination to your interiors, which I will discuss in this post.


Candles have been around for quite some time, offering a practical use until electricity made them more decorative than functional.  They not only create a warm ambiance but also make a space more special. There is nothing like the glow from a flame. With the help of traditional lanterns and candleholders, they can stand elegantly on our tables, mantels and windows.

Nowadays, people come up with clever ways to display candles. Painted tin cans can be punched with holes to create unique shadow images. Hallowed out logs or large pieces of wood with tea lights create a unique outdoor ambiance.

Mason jars also make pretty housing for small candles. Line each jar with pebbles at the bottom to serve as the candle’s base. Not only will the pebbles add a lovely effect, they also allow the candle to be positioned further up the jar so they can be easily taken out.

If safety is your concern, you can always use flameless outdoor candles. Balsam Hill’s battery-operated outdoor candles are made up of high-grade resin that can withstand any type of weather. Place them on windows, on your porch steps, or inside outdoor lanterns to breathe life to your entryway.

String lights

Christmas lights have many uses. You can take advantage of its beautiful glow any time of the year. Wrap them around grapevine balls and suspend them from tree branches for that marvelous sparkly look. These items look great both in the day and at night when they look like they’re floating.

Pre-lit Twig Pumpkins by Balsam Hill
Bring a unique touch to your entryway with a one-of-a-kind display. Balsam Hill’s new Pre-lit Twig Pumpkins are made of real twigs, perfect for welcoming the fall.

Strings of lights can be stuffed in different containers like glass globes or bottles. This can be done for clear, colored, transparent or translucent ones. Each style gives a unique charm to your outdoor area.

Light strings with bigger bulbs give a whimsical effect when draped across the patio for a party. Rope lighting, on the other hand, is a great way to provide an interesting step lighting while giving your home a chic and refined glow. Line it along your driveway, pathway, or staircase to keep your guests safe as they enter your home.

Large Chinese lanterns offer a fun atmosphere with their lively colors. Because they are lightweight, they are also easy to hang.

These lanterns from Balsam Hill are perfect for creating a romantic outdoor setting. They lend visual warmth to the entryway, offering a welcoming atmosphere for your visiting loved ones.

LED Pinecone Trees from Balsam Hill
LED Pinecone Trees from Balsam Hill

Another great way to add radiance to your home is by throwing in some lovely LED pinecone trees. Not only do they bring a feel of nature to your home, they also help create a cozy ambiance with their energy-efficient lights.

Light fixtures. Do not be afraid to add a new look to your home by updating your outdoor lighting fixtures. Even giving your fixture a repaint will make a significant difference. If you have a classic oil rubbed bronze finished wall sconce, you can turn it into a modern piece by painting it white or by coating it with a brushed nickel hue. A ranch home with sleek brushed steel light posts can indicate a touch of mid-century modern style. If your outdoor area has a generic look, an outdoor light fixture with the same style as your indoor pieces can give a hint to your home’s theme.

With these improvements done through lighting, you can create a warm, welcoming and impressive atmosphere for the fall.


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