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Dear Dagmar,

We just moved into a new home, which has a really gorgeous patio and a roomy outdoor space. I was thinking of inviting my friends over to celebrate our recent move and celebrate the lovely season. Can you tell me what things I should consider if I want to host an outdoor party in autumn?



Dear Michelle,

First, I would like to congratulate you on the new home. I am sure you are both excited about setting up the space that your family will enjoy over the coming years. Trying to get everything in order is daunting. Having friends over to celebrate your new space might just be a great way to relieve stress.

Fall is a festive season on its own. I have recently been saddened by summer’s end, and since I just came from one of the busiest summers I have ever had, I began to miss those extended daylight hours.

Hosting an outdoor party is one way to make up for summer’s disappearance. This way you can extend the outdoor activities and have a sense of community before winter. It is also a great way to bring people together before the holiday rush. To throw a great autumn party, here are things you need to help accommodate your guests in the changes brought by the season.

1. Coziness of outdoor temperature

An outdoor fireplace is a great way to extend the use of your outdoor spaces throughout the year. It can also make the cold months and that cabin fever feeling seem shorter. This addition serves three purposes: it provides warmth in your patio or garden, it serves as a wonderful focal point and, finally, it adds a decorative element to the landscape.

Heirloom Copper Fire Pit by Balsam Hill

The Heirloom Copper Fire Pit from Balsam Hill is an outdoor fireplace you can set up wherever you want. When rested on its die-cast aluminum base, it doubles as an elegant accent that draws everyone’s attention. Rust-proof and light for easy setup, the fire pit is crafted to last a lifetime.

After dishing up appetizers, serve warm cider or hot mugs of cocoa. Then use the fire pit to roast marshmallows with your loved ones. This will allow you to relish the campfire feel, without the hassles usually involved.

2. Sufficient outdoor lighting

Lighting at night will not be as bright outdoors during autumn. Aside from relying on the illumination of your outdoor wall sconces, lampposts, fire pit and moonlight, you will need a couple of other party lights to brighten up the area.

Hang the string lights across the garden, patio or porch. These party lights not only give you the glow you need for the festivity, they also serve as decorations. At the same time, they create a festive atmosphere for your surroundings.

Christmas lights are also a great option. The light strings, which have smaller bulbs, illuminate and decorate the area with their gorgeous ambience. They can be placed under tablecloths or even strapped around tree trunks to serve as a backdrop for entertainment. Indeed, Christmas lights are not just for the Christmas tree anymore!

Take advantage of the beautiful autumn setting by complementing it with any of the outdoor lighting options offered by Balsam Hill. What I appreciate about the selection is that the lights can be used to create many styles, atmospheres, and themes. For example, the globe café lights can be used for a nostalgic aura, while fairy string and star string lights add a magical feel to a space. With sufficient lighting, the venue becomes safer and more exciting for activities such as apple bobbing and hotdog roasting.

3. Warm and comfortable seats

Complementing your outdoor seats with throws and pillows adds comfort and warmth while adding a splash of color to a space.

Red Cashmere Blend Throw by Balsam Hill
Red Cashmere Blend Throw by Balsam Hill

Accent pillows in various colors, styles and textures can make the seating distinct from how it was in the summer. Use a range of warm colors to match the season.

Plaid Wool Throw from Balsam Hill

This Plaid Wool Throw comes with a checkered pattern that exudes a laid-back charm. While your friends and family engage in conversation, offer them this throw to snuggle up in so they can enjoy a longer time under the night sky.

4. Bringing the kitchen outdoors

A manageable distance between the kitchen and outdoor dining area is essential to having a hassle-free party. Bring your kitchen utensils closer to the venue with the help of a butler cart. This will lessen your trip to and from the kitchen, allowing you to spend more time with your guests.

A fire pit for warmth, outdoor lighting, cozy seats with throws, and accessible kitchen gear are essential for an outdoor gathering. With these additions, you can add hours of enjoyment to your fall party.



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