Dear Dagmar,

I have always been intrigued by battery-operated candles, because they look like the real ones but without the typical hazards that come from flames. Can you give me tips on where and how I can use flameless candles in our home?



Hi Bridget,

People have been in love with candles for ages. Whether it is an item for illumination or a simple accent to add a decorative touch in one’s home, people can’t seem to resist the appeal of this gorgeous classic. Unfortunately, a cultural shift has resulted in the ban of candles during gatherings in community centers, churches and other places of celebrations. Even my great Aunt almost shook with fear when I lit candles once at the table.

Luminara Flameless Battery-Operated Pillar Candles
Balsam Hill’s Luminara™ Flameless Battery-Operated Pillar Candles feature a realistic flickering effect.

The flameless candle technology is probably one of the most revolutionary home decor additions that have appeared in recent years. Many of these artificial candles are so realistic that you essentially get the lowlight ambiance you need without endangering your home.

Use a flameless candle everywhere you would a regular candle. I put one inside a lantern on my front porch. Since it is flameless, the candle does not make me worry about it catching fire. It is such a relief to know I can turn it on and off automatically with its timer. This removes the hassle of having to remember to switch it off when I need to.

There are several areas that look pleasing with candles, such as the Master Bath with a soaking tub. Candles are a wonderful relaxing agent when you are unwinding after a long day at work. They are also perfect when you need light for walking around in bedrooms and living rooms.

Flameless candles lend a certain atmosphere to kitchens. These items help pull off a country style or even a formal look. You can put the candles in candle holders and add them to your table set up along with silver platters. This will make for an elegant dining experience. You can also set their timers and place them on the porch outside to evoke a serene ambience. A child’s room can benefit from flameless candles as well. Use it as a night light and replace those overhead lights that glare in the face.

Luminara™ Flameless Battery-Operated Candles from Balsam Hill
Make any space look stunning with the Balsam Hill’s Luminara™ Flameless Battery-Operated Candles

Flameless candles are a wonderful complement to the long nights and short days of Christmas and winter. They inspire a feeling of comfort and a rich sense of history. For hundreds of years, candles have been used as holiday decorations, but this look was abandoned because it was deemed unnecessary. However, people have realized that the presence of candles in our homes echoes who we were then. Lighting up candles safely through modern technology not only provides our homes with a small source of light and a beautiful accent, but is definitely a great way to connect with the past.

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