Asian-inspired Christmas Decoration Ideas

With Asian themes conquering the global scene, Asian design philosophies have spilled over into Christmas home décor as well. Looking to bring the flair of the East into their homes, many American families have turned to applying Asian fusion principles to the traditional Western picture of Christmas. So whether you’re passionate about the East or are just looking for new ways to decorate your home, try these easy tips on how to incorporate Asian elements into your design:


Deviate from the usual red and green Christmas color palette. Bring Asia to your home by incorporating shades of muted gold and pink into your designs. These muted colors work best in setting the mood for Asian-inspired décor. Wrap your presents in light pink or red wrapping paper and tie a gold ribbon around them. If you can, knot the ribbon to emulate a traditional Japanese paper fan. In place of the usual bright red, green, and gold Christmas balls hanging on your tree, consider changing the colors to pastels as well. A mix of pale yellow, pink, green, and blue ornaments makes a great combination.


Asian design is rooted in contrasting textures, like juxtaposing bamboo with paper or silk. It’s all about placing textures together that work in a yin-yang fashion. For example, match something hard and solid with something earthy or soft. Thus, instead of surrounding your home with only tinsel, wreaths, and garlands, try resting a bamboo pole mat against a wall and covering it with leaves and earthy flowers like cherry blossoms. You can also try origami or paper folding and use your creations as Christmas tree ornaments. Just ensure that the textures work together in harmony and you won’t go wrong.

Décor Pieces

Invest in a few Asian décor pieces to truly create an authentic Eastern feel in your home décor. Chinese paper lanterns, butterfly rods, and Japanese paper fans are a few great decor investments. Mix these pieces with other Western décor items you already have, or use them as the focal piece in your Asian-inspired design.


For something truly different, replace your traditional Christmas tree with a bonsai tree. You can purchase a bonsai plant from most greenhouses. Take note, however, that great care should be given to this tree. It has to be pruned properly, so ensure that you are patient enough to care for it. When in full bloom, it can be decorated however you want it to look. For instance, you can hang miniature Chinese lanterns from its branches.

Going for Asian-inspired holiday décor is a wonderful way to spruce up Christmas. It also need not be hard. If you’re hesitant to overhaul your usual Christmas decorations, try mixing the two elements together. All you have to do is balance the two design aesthetics in a way that is most pleasing to you.

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