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Amazing Giant Christmas Trees From Around the World

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In a previous post, we shared with you some of the world’s most unique Christmas trees. Today, we take a look at breathtaking displays that literally elevate the Christmas tree tradition to new heights. For tourists and locals alike, these giant Christmas trees are amazing sights that embody the wonder and splendor of the holiday season.

Illuminated Christmas Tree – Rakvere, Estonia

Christmas Tree made of recycled windows in Estonia
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Standing almost 40 feet tall, this illuminated tree from eastern Estonia was constructed in December 2015 out of 121 old windows from local houses. Crowds gathered around this one-of-a-kind Christmas tree to marvel at its bright colors, artistic geometry, and the interesting decorations and silhouettes of people behind the glass panels.

National Christmas Tree – Vilnius, Lithuania

Christmas tree cottage in Lithuania
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Lithuania is home to an annual national tree lighting ceremony that is attended by hundreds of people. The centerpiece of the event is a towering 82-foot structure covered with live tree branches. Reminiscent of a cozy cottage adorned with balconies, glowing lanterns, and vaulted windows, this Christmas tree houses a special area for children to listen to live fairy tale readings.

Galeries Lafayette Upside Down Tree – Paris, France

Upside down Christmas tree in Galeries Lafayette
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Each year, this famous shopping center in France impresses visitors with their annual display of gorgeous Christmas trees. In 2014, this 82-foot tall upside down tree dazzled shoppers with an embellished exterior that blends seamlessly with the lavish look of the ceiling and walls.

Steel Christmas Tree –  Lisbon, Portugal

Steel Christmas tree with lights in Portugal
Photo from

Lisbon, Portugal, is home to Europe’s tallest Christmas tree, measuring 250 feet tall. The towering steel construct is topped with a blue star and features lights arranged as traditional Christmas decorations, such as ball ornaments and ribbons.

Lego Christmas Tree – Melbourne, Australia

Giant Lego Christmas tree in Australia
Photo from

Over half a million Lego bricks were used to create this giant Christmas tree. Assembled in Melbourne, Australia, this 33-foot tree evoke fond childhood memories with its twinkling star, candy canes, and a host of Lego companions, including Nutcracker soldiers, elves, and Santa with a surfboard.

Gold Christmas Tree – Beirut, Lebanon

Giant gold Christmas tree in Beirut, Lebanon
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Many cities opt for brightly lit, colorful tree displays. Byblos, north of Beirut in Lebanon, chose to keep it simple and elegant with a giant Christmas tree covered with 2,500 gold-colored iron leaves. Constructed in November, 2014, this 97-foot tall spectacle served as an entrance to the city and was accompanied by illuminated angels and greenery for an enchanting touch.

White Christmas Tree – Tokyo, Japan

White Christmas tree made of lights in Tokyo
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Gracing the city of Tokyo is this 250,000 LED display, with its magnificent tree perfectly complemented by the splendor of colorful lights. This “Blue Canyon”-themed showcase featured a white Christmas tree with intricate detailing on its bodice.

We hope that these stunning trees inspire you to bring their grandeur into your Christmas celebrations. Visit Balsam Hill and browse our selection of giant Christmas trees, ideal for big spaces and rooms with high ceilings. Amaze your guests with 15 to 30-foot tall trees and recreate the magic of these iconic landmarks.

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