This Christmas will be very special for my daughter because she and her husband will be celebrating their first Christmas together as husband and wife. She got married this past November and it was such a joyous life event for our family. Weddings are a blissful occasion and each one always has a unique presence of its own.

I think a wedding should reflect the personality of the bride and groom. My daughter absolutely loves Christmas. In fact, she would turn on Christmas music immediately after Thanksgiving dinner. The Christmas tree was an element that I knew is so indicative of who Abbey is to our family. She is the family girl who makes sure we get together during the best times and coordinates schedules to make getting together much easier. It was a delight to reflect all the aspects of who Abbey is by giving her wedding venue a hint of Christmas.

Pinecroft Mansion in the Crosely Estate in Cincinnati, Ohio
Pinecroft Mansion, Cincinnati, Ohio

The wedding was held at the Pinecroft Mansion in the Crosely Estate in Cincinnati, Ohio. Owned by industrialist, entrepreneur and famed inventor Powel Crosley, the mansion has a classic and elegant castle feel, which was what my daughter liked. Pinecroft is said to be one of the most beloved treasures of Cincinnati for its historic and architectural significance, being built in the Tudor Revival style in 1928.

The property, which was turned into a convent, and then into a hospital, was eventually donated to the Cincinnati Preservation Association in 2011. Since the historical society has partnered with a catering company for corporate and wedding events, we did not need to worry about food and drinks, which was very convenient since we would be coming from several thousand miles away!

A touch of Christmas in weddings

I want to share with you how I styled the venue according to an interesting theme that was patterned after my daughter’s personality, and how I gave it a cheerful holiday touch.

The Wedding’s Theme: Books

My daughter is what they call an ‘old soul’, so rich in depth of personality, but quiet. Her favorite pastime is reading books, which gave us the idea to turn it into her wedding theme. I wanted to name the tables by author but she didn’t want to do that, although we placed all types of décor related to books everywhere we thought would add interest without overdoing it.

Scrolls of book pages


Antique books on tables

Antique books that had worn binding, as well as stacks of rolled up book pages were added to several of the tables. The books were tied with a ribbon of a subtle color so as not to overwhelm the entire look. The tables were also adorned with table runners that were made of old lace and book pages for a classic and romantic feel.

Pink flowers

For the flowers, we used pale pink roses, which added dainty charm to the color scheme.

Initials of the bride and the groom

The initials of the bride and groom were everywhere! It gave every place an unmistakable air of the couple’s love and excitement to finally be getting married. My daughter is also practical and she wanted to be able to use things again in their apartment for home décor, so the initials became a theme that she could keep for her own new home.

Flameless Candles from Balsam Hill
Flameless Candles from Balsam Hill

Because the venue had two beautiful fireplaces, I decided to decorate it with some candlesticks. The flicker of the candles added ambience, light and beautiful character to the venue. The flameless candles from Balsam Hill were a wonderful option because they provided the glow of a real candle without the actual flame, which was perfect because the fire code prevented us from lighting up real candles in the mansion! I also used the flameless candles on a desk in a library at the east end of the mansion as a way to add romantic lighting in that area.

Adding a Touch of Christmas

Wedding Christmas Tree

Adding a white tree was a wonderful way to add a festive feel to the wedding. Although it is a Christmas tree, the white tree reflected the sentiments of weddings, while unifying the traditional whites and creams of the event itself. The ornaments on it didn’t have to coordinate with the overall theme, although I could have added some more book-themed ornaments if I had the time. The ornaments and platinum glitter ribbon from Balsam Hill were arranged in such a way that the tree’s whiteness gave a new fallen snow sense of wonder and glow to that area of the pavilion. I had it set up so the guests can take photos by the tree since all of them were all dressed up for the occasion.

Winter Frost Ornament Set from Balsam Hill
Winter Frost Ornament Set from Balsam Hill

We used the Winter Frost ornament set to decorate the tree. The subtle tones of these ornaments make for a lovely backdrop for the celebration.

Christmas tree topper and ornaments

The platinum glitter ribbon was the perfect tie-in to keep things festive, while adding some glitz. I added the Noel Angel Tree Topper from Balsam Hill, and some of the amber and the clear crystal ornaments to play off the lights and the candles flickering on the tables everywhere. They also added some warmth to the white Christmas tree amidst all that silver and cooler tones.

Adding Fun and a Bit of Holiday Spirit

We wanted the guests to enjoy themselves and have a remembrance by turning a section of the pavilion into a spot for photos. Photo booths are a must-have in weddings nowadays. For Abbey’s wedding, we created a larger photo area instead so that the guests could take a picture with family and friends doing fun and silly poses. People used their own phones and cameras to take pictures of people in their chosen props. Santa hats, goofy glasses, beads and silly noses were perfect for those who wanted to have fun. People also had the option to just have their photos taken in their best attire, and turn the resulting photo into a Christmas card!

Kids in props

The fun in these activities gave the venue a happy holiday feel, which is especially thrilling for the kids.

Blue Christmas ball

Adding holiday decorations, and a Christmas tree as an accent to the venue was a wonderful way to capture a memory and special moments with family and friends. It also added an air of happiness, joy and celebration, knowing that we now have an addition to the family – and we needed more boys! Most of all, the Christmas tree implied that the holidays would become a large part of family time in the coming years, as that is most likely the best time to create new memories each year.



Are you celebrating a special event this Christmas? How do you plan to prepare for it? Share your story through the comment box below.

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