A Touch of Holiday Nostalgia with Balsam Hill’s Handcrafted Items

A Touch of Holiday Nostalgia

In decorating for the holidays, we choose Christmas pieces that we grew up with to make our display more personal and heartwarming. Old-fashioned cuckoo clocks and colorful nutcracker dolls evoke memories of warm and cozy family gatherings, and we aim to recreate the atmosphere for our children every year.

Balsam Hill brings back the enchanting Christmas ambiance of our childhood right into your home with these beautiful and handcrafted classic holiday pieces.

Bring Storybook Charm into Your Home with Nutcrackers

Balsam Hill Handcrafted Items - German Nutcracker Soldier and German Nutcracker Santa
Balsam Hill’s Nutcracker Dolls Collection add a child-like wonder to your Christmas display

Originally from Germany and popularized by the story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, decorative nutcracker dolls come in various shapes, sizes, and forms, such as a knight, soldier, or king. Famous as Christmas displays, nutcrackers create a fairy tale scene of kings and knights when used together for the holidays.

German Nutcracker Soldier and Santa

Both the German Nutcracker Soldier and the German Nutcracker Santa have features that take after the original nutcracker dolls—big head and jaw, stocky torso, and slender legs. Displayed together, these nutcracker dolls add a delightful and childlike appeal to your Christmas décor.

German Wood Smoker

Balsam Hill Handcrafted Items - German Wood Smoker
The German Wood Smoker brings a delightful twist to your Christmas décor

The German Wood Smoker figurine depicts an old-fashioned merchant. It is also designed to blow perfumed smoke out of its pipe using incense candles. When lit, this wood smoker shows a German vendor and his humble life.

Add Wonder with the German Pyramid Nativity

Balsam Hill Handcrafted Items - German Pyramid Nativity
German pyramid of the Nativity scene

If you’re looking for a simple yet enchanting display to add to your Christmas décor, this handcrafted wooden nativity makes for the perfect accessory. Balsam Hill’s German Pyramid Nativity features two tiers of the nativity scene, with the Holy Family on the first platform and the Three Wise Men on the bottom layer. When displayed with lit tea lights, the heat from the candles will make the carousel and propeller spin, adding a lively charm to your Christmas decorations.

Count Down to Christmas with the Classic German Cuckoo Clock

Balsam Hill Handcrafted Items - Classic German Cuckoo Clock
Balsam Hill’s Classic German Cuckoo Clock

With its remarkable quality, this Classic German Cuckoo Clock by Hubert Herr brings the feel of a traditional log cabin into your home. It is made from solid wood with hand-carved embellishments that add a cozy ambiance to the clock as it complements the rest of your wooden holiday pieces.

Stay Classic with Handcrafted Santas

Balsam Hill Handcrafted Items - Vaillancourt Chalkware Burgundy Santa
Vaillancourt Chalkware Burgundy Santa made in Sutton, Massachusetts

The Vaillancourt Chalkware Burgundy and Teal Santas create an antique look that completes your classic display. These handcrafted Santas feature iconic designs painted onto the figurine by hand. You can place these Santa figurines on the mantle or with any tabletop Christmas display to add a delightful and welcoming atmosphere to your home.

Create a holiday display filled with nostalgia with these classic and charming handcrafted items. For more timeless holiday ideas, check out our Classic Christmas Flair design inspiration.

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