A colder climate signals the start of the fascinating season of autumn. But in effect, as we go further into winter, the warmer our homes become. In this post, Balsam Hill features the foyer, and how to make it cozier and more inviting even as the cold months step in.

A warm and festive home

Decorated foliage from Balsam Hill

There is no rule for when to put up the wreath, garland and Christmas tree. In fact, some households keep them up all-year-round, and just switch the ornaments every now and then according to season. Showcasing bright red apples, red berries and clear lights, these decorated garlands are perfect for celebrating the bounty of autumn, as well as bringing in the spirit of Christmas. Accent your staircase with these garlands to inspire a cheerful mood in the family. Wreaths, which are commonly seen out front, can be used as a complement to the foliage decorations inside your home as well.


Candles add drama to fall embellishments, making your home more relaxing and intimate. As you transition your abode for wintertime, switch to Christmas-themed candles that reflect the serene aura of the Yuletide season, and add meaning to this year’s holiday revelry.

Angel Candles from Balsam Hill

The Angel Candles feature an adorable angel design, with a faux wood finish for that countryside appeal. The two-toned Angel Christmas Candles come in beige and white, and can be set on coffee and accent tables, or arranged with your tabletop trees.

Throw pillows and blankets

Blankets and pillows not only offer a way to keep the chill away, but also make your home look warm, visually. Accent any bench or stool with throws to make them as lovely to sit on as your chaise lounge.

Deer pillow cover by Balsam Hill
French Staghead Pillows from Balsam Hill

These 18” x 18” pillow covers from Balsam Hill feature a stag head resonant of the snowy outdoors. Available in brown and red, the throw pillow covers prepare your home for the holiday season with their cheerful Christmas colors.

Snowflake throw blankets by Balsam Hill

Balsam Hill’s reversible snowflake throws are a great accent, not only in the living room, but also in the entryway. Instead of putting them on the sofas, fold and stack them in a basket near the entryway, or at the foyer. Invite your visiting friends to get a throw that they can use as they snuggle on the couch. Knitted with 100% cotton, these red and white blankets exude the vibrancy of Christmas, while keeping your loved ones warm.

Tabletop Trees

Tabletop trees from Balsam Hill

Scatter a few tabletop trees throughout the room to make your indoor spaces more friendly and welcoming. Put them on every step of the stairs, set them on top of stacked books, or arrange a cluster of these adorable decorations on every table to fully welcome the Christmas season into your home. Let Balsam Hill help you turn your abode into a cozy retreat. Prepare your home for the colder times by making it friendly and cozy for your friends and family.

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