We talked about Balsam Hill’s exciting design collaboration with Cricut in an earlier post, and we’re happy to be bringing you more news about A Handmade Holiday, and the talented people who are participating in it. Let’s get to know Katie of Sweet Rose Studio in this special feature.

A former elementary school teacher, Katie is now a proud wife and stay-at-home to three kids, aside from being at the helm of lifestyle blog Sweet Rose Studio. This talented woman loves constantly challenging herself to learn new things, and is hands-on with motherhood, crafts, party planning and styling, and photography. Her blog is home to her tutorials, crafting tips, family recipes, and more. Learn more about Katie in our exclusive interview with her below.

1. Tell us a little bit more about your decorating style in general, and what the story is behind your passion for decorating. What’s your source for design inspiration?
I love a traditional home with a modern and DIY twist to it. I tend to stick with neutral colors and deeper wood tones and small bursts of color in my accessories. The goal for my home is to make it cozy and inviting for not only my family, but for everyone who walks through my door. I love browsing design blogs, online home décor shops, and the Instagram accounts for the major décor magazines. I honestly like drawing inspiration from lots of different places and using all of the ideas that appeal to me most.

2. For A Handmade Holiday, did you find it difficult to integrate any of the colors into your design? How did you tackle it?
Because I do tend to be the last one to the party when it comes to following the trends, I did have a tough time incorporating the plum into my color scheme. Once I pushed myself past the mental road block I put up, I loved how everything turned out. Those plum poinsettias and deep plum ornaments made the tablescape pop!

3. Do you have any tips on how to go about incorporating new colors into an existing holiday color scheme, or coming up with a new holiday color scheme?
Honestly, the best tip that I can offer for anyone looking to incorporate a new color or color scheme in their holiday décor is to take the chance on something new. Holiday home décor can be pretty low risk, so it won’t hurt to at least try a new color, like plum for instance.

4. What’s your favorite way to personalize your holiday décor?
I love using my Cricut Explore in so many ways to add that personal touch to our décor! Iron-on vinyl has to be my favorite, though.

5. What’s your current favorite project to do with your Cricut machine? Any advice for new Cricut users?
Like I said earlier, I have an obsession with iron-on vinyl right now, and I can’t stop myself from making so many quirky and fun shirts for my family. Using iron-on vinyl can be tricky the first time because it cuts and adheres so differently from typical vinyl; watching the how-to videos is key!

6. What was it like decorating with Balsam Hill products? What did you like most about them?
I loved working with Balsam Hill! I was so impressed with how realistic the garland is that I was lucky enough to work with. Multiple people have had to touch it to figure it out for themselves.

7. Was there a Balsam Hill product by which you were particularly delighted? Why?
The ornaments I used as part of the tablescape are hands-down amazing. The deep hues of plum, olive, and gold, and the additional gold jewels and glitter make for a stunning combination.

8. What’s your favorite part of the scene you created? Is there something different that you did this year that you particularly like?
Making me choose a favorite part of this tablescape is like asking me to choose my favorite child! Seriously though, I really do enjoy every single part of the design. Both the gorgeous Balsam Hill pieces and the DIY Cricut projects combined so well to create one unified and welcoming dinner table.

9. If there’s one piece of advice you can pass on from all your years of decorating, what would it be?
Find a style that fits YOU and don’t be afraid of it. You don’t have to follow the trends or the latest and greatest to have a beautiful home; do what makes you feel best and own it.

A tablescape that’s brimming with vibrant jewel tones
A tablescape that’s brimming with vibrant jewel tones

Here’s a sneak peek at the stunning display that Katie put together for A Handmade Holiday: a vibrant Christmas tablescape featuring Balsam Hill’s Napa Jewel Glass Ornament Set and Mini Purple Poinsettia Picks.

Accents in a subtle cream hue round out the look
Accents in a subtle cream hue round out the look

The plum, olive and gold color palette theme needed an infusion of cream hues for this design challenge, which Katie pulled off with ease by adding accents she crafted using her versatile Cricut machine. For more on how Katie achieved this glamorous Christmas theme, visit Sweet Rose Studio. Drop by over the next few weeks for more updates on A Handmade Holiday.

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