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A Handmade Holiday: Brooke of Brooklyn Berry Designs

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With our exciting design collaboration with Cricut now well underway, we continue our in-depth look at the bloggers who shared their time and talent with us. Completing this week’s batch is Brooke of Brooklyn Berry Designs.

Brooke of Brooklyn Berry Designs

Brooke’s lifestyle blog is where readers can find the latest decorating trends, DIY crafts and projects, inspiration photos, and even the occasional book review. This wife and mom to three boys professes a love for finding solutions to design challenges, and also believes that your home should be your own personal refuge. Find out more about Brooke in our exclusive Q&A below.

1. Tell us a little bit more about your decorating style in general, and what the story is behind your passion for decorating.
I grew up with a mom who had great style and a knack for solving space problems. I started helping to furnish show suites and remodel old apartments. I loved it so much that I ended up getting a degree in Interior Design. I would call my decorating style, classic modern. I like to incorporate new trends into what already works and feels comfortable in my home.

2. What’s your source for design inspiration?
Other designers, artists, photographers, and makers. Inspiration is everywhere.

3. For A Handmade Holiday, did you find it difficult to integrate any of the colors into your design? How did you tackle it?
I didn’t find it difficult to incorporate any of the colors, although I did choose to use mostly greys and whites as that is what I had to work with and it was so beautiful. I didn’t include teals as I thought it would ruin the monochromatic effect I already had going on.

4. Do you have any tips on how to go about incorporating new colors into an existing holiday color scheme, or coming up with a new holiday color scheme?
I change my color scheme for the holidays almost every year. I can afford to do that because I use mostly neutral ornaments – white, gold and silver. I add accents with a few new purchased ornaments, DIY décor items and ornaments, and ribbon. Ribbon is a great way to add a big splash of color without having to spend a lot of money.

5. What’s your favorite way to personalize your holiday décor?
I love to personalize my décor by making items myself as well as with my kids. My boys love to decorate for different holidays and craft type projects keep them busy. I pre-plan the colors and materials so I know they will coordinate with my scheme and let them create until their heart is content. I am usually making something similar right beside them.

6. What’s your current favorite project to do with your Cricut machine? Any advice for new Cricut users?
Right now, I am really loving to cut vinyl. It is so easy to make a DIY project look professional and precise. I am also really loving the glitter iron-on vinyl – there are so many possibilities with it. Pillow covers, shirts, anything! My advice for new Cricut users would be to just start using it! When I first started, I knew that it could do so much that I felt a bit overwhelmed just taking it out of the box. You learn by doing, so grab a piece of paper and a simple shape from the Cricut Design Space and cut something out!

7. What was it like decorating with Balsam Hill products? What did you like most about them?
Working with the Balsam Hill products was so exciting. Each item was so beautiful and delicate – I felt like I was unpacking new jewelry for my home. I love the ornament sets because they are all coordinated but there are only 2 of each design, so there is a lot of variety while still looking cohesive.

8. Was there a Balsam Hill product by which you were particularly delighted? Why?
I thought that the picks were really neat and something I have never used before. I had to experiment a bit to decide how they needed to be placed in the tree.

9. What’s your favorite part of the scene you created? Is there something different that you did this year that you particularly like?
This year’s tree is different in that I used more metals and a few large sized items to add some interest visually. The white faux snow pieces were fun to add, and I felt that it really helped to make the dark grey more visible against the dark green of the tree. I love being able to see that stunning velvet ribbon and the gingko picks!

10. If there’s one piece of advice you can pass on from all your years of decorating, what would it be?
My advice would be to be brave and change things up! Experimenting with something you haven’t tried before is what leads to the most unique solutions. The added challenge of trying to make something you haven’t seen before, or make something yourself, just stretches you even further creatively.

Brooke’s holiday centerpiece dressed in subtle hues
Brooke’s holiday centerpiece dressed in subtle hues

For A Handmade Holiday, Brooke put together a holiday centerpiece that was the picture of understated elegance. Balsam Hill’s Colorado Mountain Spruce tree looked resplendent with the Crystal Palace Glass Ornament Set, and Pewter Gingko Picks were the perfect accents.

Customize your décor using versatile vinyl decals
Customize your décor using versatile vinyl decals

For a finishing touch, Brooke created personalized accents using her Cricut machine, adding photos and quotes to suit the look. Check out more photos on her blog, and stay tuned for more updates on A Handmade Holiday.

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