Now that you’ve decided on what artificial Christmas tree to buy, you may find yourself asking, “How many ornaments do I need to hang on my tree?” Considering how you plan to decorate your tree is key to creating a centerpiece that you’ll be proud to display in your holiday home.

The number of Christmas ornaments you will need depends on the height and width of your tree, the size of your ornaments, how much of the tree you want to cover, and your personal taste or theme. We’ve created this guide to help you determine the ornaments most suitable for your Christmas tree.

Suggested Number and Size of Ornaments

There is no exact calculation on how many ornaments you choose to hang on your Christmas tree – this is ultimately determined by your own inclination. However, you can refer to our handy chart below as a starting point to help you make sure that you’ll have even coverage based on your tree’s height.

HeightLight CoverageHeavy CoverageOrnament Size
4.5′-6.5′35 pieces70 pieces4” to 8.75”
7.5’70 pieces105 pieces4” to 8.75”
9’-10’105 pieces140 pieces4” to 8.75”

Combining Different Ornament Sizes

Decorating with different sizes of ornaments is a fantastic way to increase depth and add variety to your design. When decorating, place larger ornaments near the tree’s interior, while making sure the branches are strong enough to support their weight. Small ornaments are ideal near the tips of the branches. Use varying sizes to fill gaps in the tree, but make sure to keep things even. Step back once in a while to check your work and make sure there are no remaining gaps.

With so many options, it’s essential to consider your tree’s profile and branch construction when choosing ornaments. Keep in mind that your tree’s size and structure will generally determine the size of your ornaments and how many you will need. If you’re going for heavier ornaments, you’ll want to make sure your tree has sturdy branches.

Types of Materials

It’s also important to know the types of materials your Christmas ornaments are made from and which ones suit your household. Glass ornaments exude beauty and grace, but delicate ones can be easily broken – especially if you have small children or pets in your home. In this case, consider using other options, like thicker glass ornaments, shatter-resistant ornaments, or ornaments made from other materials such as metal, ceramic, wood, or natural fibers.

Know Your Color Scheme

Having a color scheme that complements your tree’s foliage is key to creating the mood and style you want to achieve. The shade of your foliage helps you determine what to look for when choosing ornaments for your tree and create the mood you want to achieve. Some foliage hues are best suited with certain colors: trees with warm yellow-green foliage tend to look best with warmer-colored ornaments, while trees with cool blue-green shades look stunning with cooler-colored trimmings.

Consider Different Themes

If you have more than one artificial Christmas tree, consider decorating with multiple different themes. Check out some of our suggested themes:

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and hope that you have a delightful experience shopping for your Christmas ornaments. If we can be of further assistance in choosing your perfect Christmas tree and ornaments, please contact Customer Service.

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