Mothers are first and foremost, women: all with distinct personalities and traits that set them apart from each other. The key to choosing a gift for your mom is to find one that she will like and that will honor her individuality. Let Balsam Hill help you pick something perfect for her with these thoughtful gift ideas.

For the Mom with the Green Thumb

Here are some interesting gift options for mothers who have an affinity and love for everything green and growing, indoors or out.

Flowers are displayed beautifully inside this elegant glass cloche
Flowers are displayed beautifully inside this elegant glass cloche | Photo courtesy of Courtney of French Country Cottage

Your mother can display her favorite hothouse blooms in style with this handcrafted Decorative Glass Cloche. Its antiqued brass finish gives it a vintage charm, while its sturdy glass cover makes it ideal for showcasing the natural beauty of flora year after year. Available in varying sizes, they can be used singly, or grouped together for maximum effect.

Terrariums bring life to desks and tables with inspiring glimpses of nature. Instead of giving one that’s pre-made, present mom with a terrarium garden planting kit to inspire her to express her creativity and bring out her talent for growing plants. These kits provide all the essential materials for a homemade terrarium, including moss, soil, and activated charcoal.

For the Mom who is Health-Conscious

If your mother leads a fit and active lifestyle, give her something that she can use for her workouts. An aerobic mat is a good present on its own, but having it monogrammed makes it a more thoughtful gift. Plus, a personalized exercise mat is easier to keep track of in a crowded gym.

Moms always want a healthy diet for her family, and giving her a cookbook is a great way to support your mom’s desire for a health-conscious lifestyle. Create a one-of-a-kind recipe book by collecting all her nutritious recipes into one scrapbook. Fill the rest of the pages with recipes of healthier versions of her favorite desserts.

For the Mom who is a Natural Hostess

The outgoing mom deserves exceptional entertaining tools and serving pieces for her parties.

Laguiole Cheese Knives from Balsam Hill
Serve your favorite cheeses with Balsam Hill’s Laguiole Cheese Knife Set

The Laguiole Cheese Knife Set offers a stylish way to serve your favorite cheeses. It is composed of a serving knife, a cleaver for hard cheese, and a soft cheese spreader. These knives are handcrafted by French artisans and feature pure olive wood handles with a natural wood grain finish. It’s perfect for hosting elegant wine and cheese parties, or for everyday use.

Wine Barrel Cheese Tray from Balsam Hill
Add old world charm to parties with this Wine Barrel Cheese Tray

The Wine Barrel Cheese Tray is great for serving cheese, canapés, and appetizers when entertaining at home. Crafted from upcycled oak wine barrels from Napa Valley, this tray makes a beautiful centerpiece, lending an Old World touch to dinner parties and casual get-togethers. Its unique background and history also make it an interesting conversation piece with the guests.

For the Mom who is a Wine Enthusiast

Pineapple, Christmas Tree and Crown Jeweled Wine Stoppers
Preserve your opened bottles of wine with Balsam Hill’s Jeweled Wine Stopper

A Jeweled Wine Stopper from Balsam Hill is an ideal gift for moms who love to entertain or enjoy good wine. Available in three festive designs, they help preserve open bottles of wine for later enjoyment. These decorative stoppers are hand-painted and encrusted with Swarovski crystals, giving any home bar a splash of color and style to complement the season.

Antique Brass Wine Stopper Holder from Balsam Hill
Display wine stoppers in style with this Wine Stopper Holder

This Wine Stopper Holder from Balsam Hill is a lovely way to park and display wine stoppers. A hand-detailed enamel finish, along with black and antique brass details, adds elegance to this practical bar accessory, making it a beautiful decorative piece that can be out on exhibit at home throughout the year.

Leather Wine Carrier from Balsam Hill
Leather Wine Carrier from Balsam Hill

This stylish Leather Wine Carrier protects your mom’s favorite vintage bottles during transit to parties or picnics. Handmade from premium full-grain leather, the carrier has a vintage look and features a ribbon tie and aged brass finished buttons to keep its contents secure, which is a definite statement of Old World character.

Express your love and appreciation for mom the best way you can with a well-thought-out Mother’s day gift that celebrates the unique person that she is.

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