7 Elegant Ways to Use Christmas Lights

Many of us often fail to notice the importance of lighting in our décor, focusing more on ornaments, foliage, and other accents. Although I used to overlook lighting, I have recently developed a greater appreciation for it. Now, I place more focus on it in my Christmas designs, especially after noticing the power a single candle or string of lights can have during the holidays. Perhaps the draw is due to the stark contrast of light and dark during that particular time of year. I have noticed that lights at other times of the year, such as Halloween or the Fourth of July, seem to lose its impact because of inappropriate or excessive use. But at Christmas and the winter solstice, light is vibrant and brilliant, bringing reflection, clarity, and hope.

We also tend to think that Christmas lights are simply for pairing with trees, garlands, or other greenery. However, they can be used in many different ways to enhance your home décor throughout the year. Read on for some inspiring ideas on how to make the most out of your holiday lights.

Paper Lanterns with a Modern Twist

Paper lanterns with geometric patterns
Photo from Ohoh Blog

Crisp, clean lines combined with geometric patterns give these lanterns modern flair. They would look beautiful as table centerpieces, night lights for a children’s room, or in a cozy corner of your favorite space.

Light-up Marquee

Customizable light-up marquee
Photo from A Beautiful Mess

Cheery and versatile, light-up marquees are striking home accents not just for Christmas but for any season. Create one proclaiming “Welcome!” to all your guests, and position it on your porch or entryway for a warm beacon at night. Be sure to consider the layout before assembling the marquee to maximize the board’s surface area.

Tulle Flower Garland

Make family gatherings and other happy occasions extra special with the delicate beauty of tulle flower garlands. Relatively simple to make, they add soft radiance to any space and can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the lights you use. Drape these garlands along stairs, windows, or tree branches for dramatic effect.

Snow Globe Terrariums

Snow globe terrariums
Photo from Pink Pistachio

Crafty homemakers will love the playful charm of snow globe terrariums. They are easy to assemble and their design can be customized to suit different seasons and moods. The string lights radiate a comforting glow through the glass container, making these terrariums a beautiful focal point for mantels, shelves, and consoles.

Glittering Ornament Basket

Glittering ornament basket
Photo from Unskinny Boppy

Ball ornaments and string lights have always worked well together, but this glittering ornament basket is an elegant new take on the timeless Christmas pairing. String lights are artfully placed among a collection of metallic ball ornaments, giving the appearance of a warm, golden glow from within.

Mirror Garland

Imagine how stunning this shimmering arrangement of mirror garlands would look as a headboard or accent to any wide, blank wall. Reflected light from the tiny mirrors exudes glamor and drives away the gloom of overcast days and rainy nights. Consider installing the string lights before hanging the mirror garlands.

Rope Light Wall Art

Rope light is versatile lighting option that can be used to create delightful wall art for bedrooms or home offices. Simply pencil in the outline of the word or image you want on your wall, and carefully affix the rope light. Switch off all room lights to fully enjoy the striking effect of these LED lights.

Once you’ve begun to explore the different decorating possibilities offered by Christmas lights, you’ll be amazed at how seamlessly and easily you can incorporate them into your home décor.

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