5 Simple Ways to Turn Baskets into Elegant Holiday Decor

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Baskets are wonderful storage solutions that bring warmth to any space because of their natural texture and color. But did you know that aside from keeping clutter out of sight, these handcrafted containers provide an easy way to spruce up your decorations for any occasion? Below are five simple ways you can transform a typical basket into a beautiful holiday centerpiece.

A basket filled with bright-colored flowers makes for a classic centerpiece (Photo courtesy of French Country Cottage)
A basket filled with bright-colored flowers makes for a classic centerpiece (Photo courtesy of French Country Cottage)

An autumn harvest display

As the weather begins to cool during fall, entertaining guests becomes an indoor affair. This is why hosts use autumn harvest centerpieces to warm tabletops and spaces in their homes. Create your own display by placing some of our safe, battery-operated miracle flame candles in the center of a basket. Surround it with fillers such as evergreens, berries, and pine cones. You can also use birds’ castoff plumage, dried corn husks, and any other material that reflect the toasty colors of the season.

Bouquet of blossoms for Thanksgiving

Red, orange, and yellow flowers have become closely tied with Thanksgiving centerpieces. Instead of placing a few flowers in a narrow vase, fill a square basket with an abundance of blooms. The basket’s earthy tone will also complement the bright colors well.

A basket for Halloween

Bring trick or treating into any space by transforming your basket into a pumpkin patch. Take a wide, rectangular basket and a few yards of green cloth. Put the green cloth in first and arrange it to resemble a bed of grass. Next, strategically place the pumpkins on top of the laid-down cloth to make them appear as if they were growing out of the basket. You now have a lovely Halloween pumpkin patch display!

A classy pile of kindling

Need a place to store all that firewood? Try placing them in a basket! The bark and natural grain of the wood adds a rustic look to any corner, and will also blend well with the cottage look of a woven container. A tip: choose a round basket and pile your wood in a circular manner, with the logs of firewood pointing outwards from the center like the rays of the sun.  This is how people from Nordic countries traditionally stack their wood, making your pile blend perfectly with a Scandinavian Christmas theme.

A full basket of food

Nothing shows festivity and abundance as well as a basket of food. It calls to mind the cornucopia, which looks like a horn-shaped container overflowing with fruit, flowers and nuts. Horn-shaped baskets may not be common, but you can reproduce the symbol of plenty that the cornucopia represents by taking any ordinary woven container and filling it to the brim with all sorts of food items.  Use food items for the occasion as basket-filler (example: gather ingredients for your favorite pie for Thanksgiving, or use it to hold fruit that is in season for that month). For a classy look, add small wheels of cheeses, wooden cutting boards, or a bottle of wine to your food basket.

Baskets are made from natural materials and are easy to find in one’s home. With the simple ways mentioned above, any woven container presents you with an opportunity to spruce up a space for any season.

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