Top 5 Most Realistic Christmas Trees

Here at Balsam Hill, we take pride in our commitment to creating the most realistic artificial Christmas trees. Our trees are highly regarded for their beauty and exceptional realism, and we’re constantly finding ways to make our products even better.

Through thoughtful design and our True Needle™ technology, we are able to replicate nature’s finest foliage—from the color and texture of the needle tips, to the structure and shape of the tree. Here are five of the most realistic Christmas trees crafted by Balsam Hill.

BH Balsam Fir™

BH Balsam Fir by Balsam Hill
BH Balsam Fir™ by Balsam Hill

One of Balsam Hill’s best-selling trees, the BH Balsam Fir received high marks from Good Housekeeping Magazine for its color and natural-looking branches, emerging as the “Best Overall” of all the trees tested. Crafted with an abundance of True Needle foliage, our tree mimics the teardrop shape, distinct needles, and lush tips of Abies balsamea in amazing detail.

BH Balsam Fir from Balsam Hill
The BH Balsam Fir features semi-flat light-green needle tips

The BH Balsam Fir displays the most attractive qualities that people look for in a live Christmas tree. Its full-figured silhouette is composed of upswept branches that are perfect for holding delicate ornaments. It has semi-flat branch tips molded from actual tree cuttings and features brown-tinged stems that add warmth and depth to the light-green hue of its needles.

Vermont White Spruce™

Decorated Vermont White Spruce from Balsam Hill
Vermont White Spruce™ from Balsam Hill

Modeled after nature’s Picea glauca, the Vermont White Spruce showcases an elegant combination of True Needle™ foliage and Classic Needle tips which give the tree a dense and realistic appearance.

Close up of Vermont White Spruce from Balsam Hill
Vermont White Spruce comes with long green needles with brown stems

This state-of-the-art Christmas tree features a full silhouette with upward-sloping branches that make it seem like the tree is reaching up towards the heavens. Dark brown stems and long, lush needles in a grass-green hue make this spruce tree a stunning backdrop for your ornaments. With its natural beauty and outstanding features, our lifelike Vermont White Spruce is a breathtaking centerpiece for any holiday home.

BH Noble Fir™

BH Noble Fir by Balsam Hill
BH Noble Fir™ by Balsam Hill

The BH Noble Fir is our version of the Abies procera, a long-beloved tree native to the West Coast. Exhibiting plump needles, slender stems, and a beautiful teardrop profile, our replica stays true to the beauty of one of America’s favorite Christmas trees.

BH Noble Fir from Balsam Hill
The silver-green plump needles of our Noble Fir matches the color, shape, and texture of its natural counterpart.

Homeowners who love trimming their trees with heavy ornaments will appreciate the sturdy structure of the BH Noble Fir. Its slightly downward-sloping branches are soft to the touch yet strong enough to support large, hefty decorations. We especially love the soft silver-green hue and fresh-green shading of its rounded needles, which help create a more natural and picturesque scene in your home.

BH Fraser Fir™

BH Fraser Fir by Balsam Hill
BH Fraser Fir by Balsam Hill

The Abies fraseri or Fraser Fir is widely considered to be the best Christmas tree species in nature, and of course, we were inspired to create our own version. By mimicking this tree’s warm brown branches and vibrant green needle tips with silver undersides, the BH Fraser Fir was born.

BH Fraser Fir from Balsam Hill
The BH Fraser Fir is verdant and lifelike with its two-toned forked tips

You will love the intricate forked tips of this fir tree if you have a treasure trove of family ornaments to display. Each branch tip features a five-way split which, along with the tree’s generous profile and dense interior, gives you more ways to hang your favorite pieces. Lush and lifelike, our BH Fraser Fir adds countryside charm to your holiday festivities.

Centennial Fir Instant Evergreen™

Centennial Fir from Balsam Hill
Centennial Fir Instant Evergreen™ from Balsam Hill

Named after the Centennial State, this tree is based on the statuesque fir of Aspen, Colorado. With its realistic design and innovative features, our Centennial Fir Instant Evergreen will transform your home into a beautiful haven of nature.

Centennial Fir from Balsam Hill
The Centennial Fir features forked tips with varied needle lengths and brown stems for realism.

The Centennial Fir features light brown accented stems that lead to 5-way forking True Needle™ tips which provide ideal support for a variety of Christmas ornaments. An abundant blend of natural-green and grass-green tips makes the tree look so lifelike that it’s hard to tell if it’s real or not.

Visit Balsam Hill to know more about our artificial Christmas trees and True Needle™ technology.

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