Balsam Hill’s 2012 Christmas Tree Shopping Guide

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Selecting a Christmas tree for your home may sometimes feel like a difficult task, especially with the wide range of choices available in the market. We here at Balsam Hill aim to create a pleasant tree-buying experience for you with our helpful Christmas Tree Buying Guide that offers valuable information that will hopefully aid you in your decision.

Artificial Christmas Tree Varieties

Balsam Hill provides customers with quality trees that mimic the look and feel of freshly cut trees from a Christmas tree farm. Our collections are often named after the actual trees that served as inspirations. So when browsing through our site, you’re bound to come across three of our more popular varieties: Fir, Spruce, and Pine. What do these terms mean? Basically, they describe the overall look of the tree with regards to its needles’ build and placement. Choosing the right variety is important because the needles of a tree should complement the ornaments you plan to use. If your ornaments are on the heavier side, you should ideally pick a variety that’s apt to handle the extra weight, such as the Spruce tree. For a more detailed review, read our post on The Differences between Fir, Spruce and Pine.

PVC versus PE Trees

Artificial trees are defined by their material and fabrication. There is quite a difference between the standard PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and the ultra-realistic PE (polyethylene) trees in terms of their look, feel, and durability. Balsam Hill offers a range of PVC and PE trees, with some trees featuring a combination of both to create a thicker, fuller silhouette.  So when selecting a tree for your home, consider the type of material you like in conjunction with the build you desire. Full-bodied trees generally have a higher PE content than other trees.

For a more detailed review, read our post on The Difference between PVC and PE Christmas Trees.

Where will the tree go?

One of the most important things to consider when selecting a tree is where you plan to place it in your home. Once you have a general idea on the type of tree you desire, consider the space available in your home. Balsam Hill carries a variety of sizes and builds to suit every available space. For smaller spaces, you may consider the trees listed in Balsam Hill’s Best Christmas Trees for Small Spaces, such as the flatback or slim trees. Those with larger spaces may select from Balsam Hill’s Best Christmas Trees for Rooms with High Ceilings and Balsam Hill’s Best Christmas Trees for Large Spaces.

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Instant Evergreens

If you’re angling for something new, you may fancy our collection of Instant Evergreens—one of our newest categories of trees released this year. Inspired by the lush evergreen tree, this collection is rooted in creating a beautifully natural, full-bodied silhouette accented by green-toned needles and woodsy stems. These trees also feature one-plug capability and self-shaping, memory wire branches that allow you to set the trees up in half the time you would ordinarily need to set up artificial trees. With a single plug, these pre-lit trees instantly light up with minimal effort on your part, granting you and your family more time to relish the holiday celebrations.

We hope this quick and easy tree buying guide has given you the information you need to select the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home. If you still can’t decide, check out our 10 Most Popular Christmas Trees and be inspired by the trees our customers have loved through the years.

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