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13 Floral Decor Ideas That Will Inspire You

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Get Fresh Inspiration Today

Be inspired to add touches of floral decor throughout your home with beautiful displays by our blogger friends. Here are some design ideas to incorporate flower arrangements, wreaths, and greenery to your home decorating.

Plan a Wonderful First Impression

First impressions are important—and for your home, it will most certainly come from the entryway. A great way to design this is based on how you would like to be greeted each time you enter your home. Do you want a relaxed welcome or a more vibrant reception?

Build your Foundation in the Living Room

The living room is a great place to build the foundation of your home’s overall theme, because this is where your family usually entertains. The room sets the vibe for the rest of the house, and flowers do wonders to give a positive one.

Also keep in mind that your room decor may already have a theme, and you only need to find artificial flower decor that accentuates it—or even breathes new life into your current design.

Design a Lively (and Comfortable) Dining Experience

The dining room is another important place where hours are spent over meals and conversation. Add to the warm and homey vibe with a colorful flower display. We highly encourage you to experiment with something unconventional, like using an unexpected vessel or mixing contrasting colors for your flower stems.

However, keep in mind the room’s arrangement and function so that your new additions can enhance and not obstruct your daily life. For example, your room may not have the right conditions for a live plant, making artificial flower decor a great alternative.

Create a Relaxing Ambiance, Even in the Bathroom

Complement your home’s inviting atmosphere by making your bathroom as comfortable as the rest of your rooms. Cabinets, sinks, and even atop bathtubs have ample space to display some tastefully decorated flowers.

Where else in your home were you inspired to decorate with artificial flower decor? We’d love to see your design ideas in the comments below!

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