Liz has a simple goal for each day, and that is to create beautiful things and make other people smile. She partly fulfills her objective through her blog Liz Marie Blog, which she created to help everyone create their dream home through simple interior design and DIY projects. It is in her passion for designing and creating that she finds peace, relaxation and happiness.

Liz Marie

What I find interesting about Liz is that, even though she makes her wood pieces distinct with architectural details, she makes sure she has linens and throws with which to cuddle or warm herself. I love how she uses her sense of comfort to create a cozy home and her taste for a light color palette, which keeps her home bright and cheerful. She uses greens or foliage decorations effectively and keeps everything elegant and refined. A self-confessed mason jar and antique addict, Liz also finds joy in giving life to old things.

We had the opportunity to talk to Liz about her blog, her design inspiration, and the quaint charm of her Balsam Hill Stratford Spruce Christmas tree this season.

BH: How did you come up with the name of your blog? How has blogging changed your life?

Liz: I’ve always wanted to use my name for a business someday, so when I started my blog I thought, “Why not use my name since my blog’s all about me and the things I love?” Liz Marie Blog just seemed really fitting. Blogging has truly changed my life in every way possible. It’s become a full-time job that allows me to do what I love every day. I have met some amazing people through it and have had amazing opportunities working with companies I love—like Balsam Hill! Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

BH: What are some holiday decorating do’s and don’ts you like to share with your readers?

Liz: The holidays are so personal and dear to our hearts in so many ways, so honestly, my big “DO” is to decorate from your heart. Decorate your home for the holidays with your family in mind and with whatever makes you feel the holiday spirit. The holidays can also be overwhelming, so be sure to keep the true meaning of the holidays in mind and decorate your homes accordingly. Don’t take it so seriously!

BH: How would you describe your holiday decorating style? Are you more inclined to stick with the classics or do you like to experiment?

Liz: My holiday decorating style in two words is “cozy rustic.” I love cozy spaces, and that is that. I love using textures and colors to really make a space feel inviting. This year, I used pops of red in my decor combined with lots of flannel. I really love its vintage-cottage Christmas look!

BH: What is your must-have ornament or piece of Christmas decor, and why?

Liz: My must-have holiday piece is a plaid throw. It might seem minute, but a plaid throw to me just screams Christmas and really ties a room together. This year, I used a plaid throw as a tree skirt and love its simple look.

BH: Do personal memories play a significant part in how you decorate for the holidays? Would you mind sharing a little bit about a holiday memory that left a great impression on you?

Liz: My Christmas decorating style is a reflection of my childhood. For as long as I can remember, every year, my brother and I would hang the ornaments on our tree together. My mom gave us free rein over the tree, and we got to choose where everything went. All the ornaments were eclectic, and each one represented a special memory. I love incorporating that eclectic feel into our Christmas décor now. I might not have a similar ornament collection yet, but I know that we will grow our own collection over the years.

BH: What was your thought process when you chose your Balsam Hill tree? Did you have a specific type of tree in mind beforehand, or did the tree you ended up choosing just strike your fancy?

Liz: When we were choosing our Balsam Hill tree, we wanted one that looked very realistic and had a certain shape. When I spotted the Stratford Spruce Tree, I knew it was the one for us! I love how tall and slim it is.

BH: What do you like most about your Balsam Hill tree? How do you plan to decorate your tree?

Liz: I love how realistic our tree looks. I have received many questions from people asking if our tree is real, and that just confirms why I love it! I plan to decorate our tree in a rustic, eclectic look, using vintage-inspired wood ornaments, among other things.

BH: What can we look forward to on your blog this holiday season? Do you have exciting new holiday decor or party ideas?

Liz: I have so many holiday posts that have already gone live on Liz Marie Blog! We just moved into a new house in Michigan last week so I’m about to decorate our new home. Before we left North Carolina, though, I decorated our historic rental and have been blogging about it, along with lots of holiday DIY posts. As far as party ideas, I wrote a blog post before about a DIY rustic hot chocolate bar this year that was super cute and would be great for holiday parties.

Liz Marie Decorates a Balsam Hill Stratford Spruce
Liz Marie decorates a Balsam Hill Stratford Spruce

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