Laura Putnam of Finding Home shares her holiday decorating inspiration with Balsam Hill

Laura Putnam’s holiday decorating technique is simple: take one idea that you love and build from it. While the guideline itself is easy to follow, her method of mixing old and new shows exactly the care and thoughtfulness behind her project. Mixing traditional with modern decor is a style Laura of Finding Home has mastered. This season, she uses a color palette of red, black, and white to give her Balsam Hill Christmas tree a vintage modern touch.

This laid-back and loving mom has taken to the blogosphere with a back-to-basics approach to homemaking and family life, an approach that hearkens back to tradition while keeping updated with trends. Balsam Hill learns more about the author of Finding Home.

BH: What inspired you to start blogging?

Laura: I wanted to reach some business goals for my decorating business, but I have found I really prefer blogging now.

BH: Do you have a signature ornament you use on your tree year after year?

Laura: I would not say I have a signature ornament, but I always try to bring an ornament back from any vacations we take.

BH: What’s your favorite family holiday tradition?

Laura: Personally, my favorite is the day after Christmas when you can just relax all day in your jammies!

BH: When you decorate for the holidays, are there any guidelines you try to follow?

Laura: I don’t think I ever use guidelines. I start with one basic idea and build from it.

BH: What’s your favorite spot in the home to decorate for the holidays?

Laura: I always love to decorate my mantel and it is usually where I start.

BH: Where do you go for holiday decorating inspiration?

Laura: Of course, Pinterest is always a source, but I still love good old fashioned magazines.

BH: Who’s your favorite holiday designer?

Laura: I love Matthew Mead’s style.

BH: Any gift-wrapping tips?

Laura: My only tip is NOT do it on Christmas Eve.

BH: What is the most memorable Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

Laura: A few years ago, my husband made a beautiful side table from branches and a log slice – he knows me so well!

BH: What do you look forward to the most during the holiday season?

Laura: I think the thing I look forward to most is everyone being home from school and work and just having down time together.

Blogger Laura Putnam of Finding Home shows readers how to decorate for the holidays using a Balsam Hill artificial Christmas tree

Laura shares how she decorated her Balsam Hill Christmas Tree on Finding Home.

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