The woman and voice behind Tidbits and Twine, Kim has had a passion for design for as long as she can remember. She describes her style as “casual elegance,” and ascribes to the belief that every home should be a reflection of the owner’s personal tastes and lifestyle.

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Kim started the blog in 2013 out of her desire to meet people who share her love of decorating, and she has since then filled it with posts on DIY projects, design basics and decorating tips. Kim has more to share with us about her style and inspirations in our Q&A section below.

BH: What do you love most about blogging?

Kim: Since starting my blog, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many others who share a common love for decorating and I am constantly inspired by those that I’ve met. Blogging has also pushed me out of my comfort zone because in reality, I’m actually very much an introvert!  Hitting “Publish” on my very first article was beyond difficult for me and at the same time, it’s given me such a feeling of accomplishment!

BH: Tell us a little bit more about your decorating style in general.

Kim: I call my style Casual Elegance because I prefer a sophisticated look, but still want it to be approachable and relaxed. I like to mix styles, finishes, and textures so that I create a collected look in my home and one that really represents me and my family. I also love the look of new mixed with old, so I almost always have a vintage piece mixed in somewhere, whether they are true family heirlooms or things I’ve picked up at an antique fair.

BH: How would you describe your holiday decorating style? And how has it evolved through the years?

Kim:  Truthfully, I have two different decorating styles when it comes to Christmas – one for me and one for my kids. My personal style is a more neutral, elegant look that doesn’t necessarily rely on “traditional” Christmas decor, but rather pulls from nature. So think greenery, pinecones, nuts, flowers, etc., set off by muted colors and metallics with a cozy look. On the other hand, when I decorate a space for my kids, I use a lot of bright red, decorative Santas, and whimsical Christmas décor. Our family room wouldn’t be complete without our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! That’s what makes them happy and what represents Christmas to them, so for me it’s important that I honor their wishes as well.

Realizing that my style doesn’t necessarily adhere to “traditional” Christmas decor and being okay with that is something I’ve learned over time. Despite my home being decorated with neutrals and blues, I used to feel pressured into decorating with Christmas decor that wasn’t really “me.” As a result, I quickly grew tired of it and couldn’t wait to take it down! Now, I re-evaluate each year and only decorate with things that make me happy in the here and now. One year my color might be red, but the next it might be pink!

BH: What holiday decorating do’s and don’ts can you share with our readers?

Kim: Decorate only with things you love! I think this is true not only for holidays but decorating in general. It’s important that our homes be a reflection of us, so stay true to yourself.

BH: Is there a holiday memory that left an impression on you from your childhood or recent years?

Kim: When I was young, I used to sleep underneath the Christmas tree every single night. I absolutely loved going to sleep looking up through the branches of the tree at the twinkling lights. I remember feeling so safe and cozy in my makeshift bed. Growing up, my mom used to add small, glow-in-the-dark angels to the tips of the branches and they would continue to glow long after the tree lights went off. The angels were a family tradition she got from her grandpa, and I now have them on our family tree so that they are a part of my kids’ tradition as well.

BH: What is your must-have ornament or piece of Christmas décor, and why?

Kim: I love, love, love the smell of fresh greenery, so I always try to incorporate it somewhere in my home. I also have an affinity for glass ornaments because I love the way light shines off of them, adding a feeling of warmth to the room.

BH: How did you go about choosing your Balsam Hill tree and ornaments?

Kim: I like trees with sturdy needles and spacing between the branches, so that large ornaments have room to hang while smaller ornaments can be tucked inside.I knew right away that the Caroline Hemlock would be perfect for me!

BH:What do you like most about your Balsam Hill tree? How do you plan to decorate your tree?

Kim: I’m not going to lie, I love that I don’t have to remember to water my Balsam Hill tree or worry about sap getting tracked through the house! I’m also amazed by how realistic the needles look and love the graceful shape of the tree. I plan to decorate it with a vintage feel and a touch of femininity. I also have an idea in mind break up the greenery just a bit.

BH: Are there any holiday traditions that you enjoy doing with your loved ones every year?

Kim: Every year we make decorating the tree a family event and I always look forward to it. We stay in our pajamas and blast Christmas tunes as we hang ornaments. I make hot apple cider in the slow cooker and pop up a big batch of popcorn. We snack, talk, and decorate the day away.

BH: What can we look forward to on your blog this holiday season? Do you have exciting new holiday decor or party ideas?

Kim: I’m changing things up a bit this year with a new look for the dining room that focuses on natural elements accented with a bit of holiday decor. I’ll be sharing a holiday tour of several rooms, as well as some holiday decorating tips and DIY tutorials.

BH: Can you tell us in a sentence what Christmas is to you? (Christmas is…)

Kim: To me, Christmas is spending time with those we love and appreciating the time we have.

Kim_sneak peek

This is just a small glimpse of Kim’s decorated Carolina Hemlock Tree from Balsam Hill. See more of her beautiful holiday centerpiece by visiting Tidbits and Twine today.

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