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Cute and clever are two words that describe Jamie and her blog. Her simple designs show her penchant for French overtones. I was particularly impressed by how she transformed old and worn kitchen canisters into beautiful crocks for Christmas. Jamie also knows her way around the kitchen because her pies definitely look better than mine!

Jamie believes that life is all about change and applies this belief to their home, which will always be a work in progress. For her, an evolving home is the perfect complement to our ever evolving lives.

With her love for French and vintage décor and a natural inclination toward DIY projects, crafts, baking, and organization, Jamie aims to infuse the old with the new at a budget that won’t break the bank. Being a wife and mother, her design projects are always unique but organized, gorgeous yet budget-conscious. She loves sharing her vision and hopes to inspire and help others with their own DIY design projects. Her experiences being raised in a quaint small town taught her to appreciate the romantic and exotic appeal of French and vintage décor and design.

Jamie set up So Much Better with Age as an avenue where like-minded individuals can share ideas and where designers and moms like herself can help each other out with home design and DIY projects. Jamie also knows her way around flea markets and antique shops, and is always on the lookout for her next great find. She is very passionate at what she does and takes pride in being a “doer.” If she wants something done, she figures out a way to do it and just goes for it.

Jamie was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Her answers allow us to take a peek into her blog and her decorating preferences with her gorgeous Balsam Hill white Christmas tree this year.

BH: How did you come up with the name of your blog? How has blogging changed your life?

Jamie: Coming up with the name of my blog was a process. It used to be Tea and Magazines. This was way before I told anyone I had a blog. My husband thought it was a ridiculous name so I changed it.

Funny thing is, now that he hears all these different blog names, he realizes it was perfectly fine! It seems I have always second-guessed my decisions, so I thought, “Well, I’ve always loved old vintage stuff, baking from scratch, old cars (wish I had a classic), classics like Dean Martin, old furniture, and everything that just seems so much better with age.” Then it just stuck!

I love mixing the old with the new, and if I ever changed my style direction in the future, my blog name could still stand to mean that I keep getting better with age – and I truly believe that. My decision-making skills and what I really love and don’t love in home décor/design have been fine-tuned ever since I started my blog. I listen to and consider what everyone else likes or doesn’t like when it comes to home décor/design , but I like what I like and go with it! See? I’m only getting better with age!

BH: What are some holiday decorating do’s and don’ts you like to share with your readers?

Jamie: I really think you should just go with what you love. If you love plaid, go with plaid. If you love non-traditional ideas, go with that! Reread my answer to the previous question and you’ll feel better about your decorating decisions.

BH: How would you describe your holiday decorating style? Are you more inclined to stick with the classics or do you like to experiment?

Jamie: I tend to stick with the classics but also like to change it up slightly each year. I LOVE neutral tones; everyone seems to think that it’s boring, but I love it! Just love what you love and it will show in everything you do.

BH: What is your must-have ornament or piece of Christmas decor, and why?

Jamie: I think a great tree is important. It’s like a large piece of furniture. Once you have that foundation, you can build from it and change up the decor as often as you like. I also really love a faux tree because I can keep it up longer. I usually start decorating in the middle of November, so a good, quality tree is important.

BH: Do personal memories play a significant part in how you decorate for the holidays? Would you mind sharing a little bit about a holiday memory that left a great impression on you?

Jamie: Growing up, we had so much fun decorating our tree. However, my family never went all-out with Christmas décor. As kids, we had so much fun decorating it the way we wanted. My kids have their own tree now that they decorate as they wish, and they often change it around every few days. I think that’s important for them. I really want a pretty tree for our home, however, so I have my beautiful white Balsam Hill tree to set the tone for our décor.

BH: What was your thought process when you chose your Balsam Hill tree? Did you have a specific type of tree in mind beforehand, or did the tree you ended up choosing just strike your fancy?

Jamie: I have been DYING for a white tree for years. I was hesitant to buy one because I did not want people to think I’m weird for having an all-white tree in combination with neutral décor. Read my answer to the first question, however, and you will see why I still went for it: I don’t care! I just love what I love, and I’m in LOVE with this tree. It’s the perfect match for me and my home. I think you just have to pick what you absolutely love and try not to worry about styles or trends. I still love green decor so I have plenty of green garlands and wreaths in the house, too. Of course, all of them are from Balsam Hill. I wouldn’t want anything else now.

BH: What do you like most about your Balsam Hill tree? How do you plan to decorate your tree?

Jamie: My Balsam Hill tree is of very high quality. I’ve wanted one for years. From the way it was packaged, to the included instruction booklets and green soft gloves for handling your tree, everything was just amazing. I really felt like this was my Christmas present. It’s the crème de le crème of trees. You can tell that so much care was put into the process of making the tree and packing it, plus Balsam Hill’s customer service is fantastic, from what I heard. There are also a lot of safety features, which I love as a mom with two small kids. I never have to worry about this tree at all. That is such a great relief during this hectic time of year.

BH: What can we look forward to on your blog this holiday season? Do you have exciting new holiday decor or party ideas?

Jamie: Well, I have a very different Christmas tree this year, which I created out of unusual items. It’s sitting in my foyer – and again my husband thinks I’m crazy. A wise blogger (Jennifer from Town and Country Living), however, told me that when our husbands think we’re crazy, that’s when we’re on to something genius! I hope you stop by to see my unusual vintage Christmas tree.

Jamie of So Much Better with Age Decorates a Pikes Peak White Christmas Tree
Jamie of So Much Better with Age decorates a Balsam Hill Pikes Peak White Christmas Tree


  1. Mary Kelly Reply

    You have truly caught my attention with your Balsam Hill trees. And I NEVER thought of going for a made, as opposed to a tree from the woods. But after seeing the beauty and all the care taken with the tree, free shippimg, details like gloves, how to care for it, etc. I think I may just have to have a Balsam Hill tree. How about that!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a fine compay.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me. It’s always such a pleasure to work with you guys! Your product is so easy to promote because I love it.
    Hugs, Jamie

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