12 Bloggers of Christmas: Candace of Vintage News Junkie

Candace of Vintage News Junkie shares her holiday decorating inspiration with Balsam Hill

There is no doubt Candace of Vintage News Junkie is one creative soul. With her skill for producing compelling video, this Emmy Award winner has found a new outlet for sharing her many passions: through easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials. Burlap, galvanized buckets, and old wood find new life in the hands of Candace, who just loves adding a touch of rustic glam to her holiday decorating.

She talks to Balsam Hill about the inspiration behind her favorite holiday decor – and why she’s eager to start her own family tradition.

BH: What inspired you to start blogging?

Candace: I have several passions in life. Aside from my faith, my family, and my friends, I am passionate about the art of creating, writing, and television! Starting Vintage News Junkie was a way for me to combine those three loves. It allows me to take old unwanted junk, make it beautiful again, and then share it with the world through writing and my DIY video tutorials. I aim to inspire people to create the life they’ve imagined and to do it with what they already have! Vintage News Junkie allows me to share my story with people near and far!

BH: Do you have a signature ornament you use on your tree year after year?

Candace: We don’t really have a signature ornament that we use on our tree year after year, but I would LOVE to start a tradition! I have to say, nothing warms my heart more than going home and seeing my mom’s tree. Every year, she has the ‘My Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament from 1981 for me and one for my brother as well. Those ornaments are special, and I look forward to seeing them on the tree year after year!

BH: When you decorate for the holidays, are there any guidelines you try to follow? 

Candace: I wouldn’t say we have guidelines, really – where’s the fun in that?! Ha ha! But I do have a few styles that I try to stick with. I love the rustic glam look around the holidays! Think burlap, galvanized buckets, old wood, glitter, sparkle, and lots of gold and silver! Carrying that look throughout the house really gives it a warm, cozy feel. And, of course, candles! Lots of holiday scented candles!

BH: What’s your favorite spot in the home to decorate for the holidays?

Candace: It’s hard to pick one, but I think I can narrow it down to two. The tree and the mantel. I love the way the mantel and the tree can almost hug a room with holiday cheer. The way the greenery and lights embrace the room and all who are in it, really makes it feel like Christmas to me.

artificial christmas tree decorated in vintage style with a burlap ribbon and rustic ornaments
Vintage inspired Balsam Hill Christmas Tree by Candace from Vintage News Junkie

BH: Where do you go for holiday decorating inspiration?

Candace: I love Pinterest and, of course, all of my blog friends out there! But I have to say, nothing beats flipping through the pages of a good magazine. I love the glossy pages of a new magazine; to find a new spin on an old classic. But I also like flipping through older magazines. Some of those timeless looks never die. I like to draw inspiration from both and find a way to make them work together.

BH: Any gift wrapping tips?

Candace: I like to incorporate my décor into my gift wrap. I will use burlap to make bows or craft paper tags; maybe even stack a pile of gifts in an old wooden wagon. Anything to add to the rustic glam feel of our home and get people excited about what’s inside as well.

BH: What do you look forward to the most during the holiday season?

Candace: Simply put: time with those I love. That’s all. It’s not about the presents. It’s not about the food. It’s not about getting all dolled up – while all of those things are nice. I look most forward to sitting around in cozy PJs, being curled up on the couch, sipping hot cocoa, playing board games, and simply catching up. Life gets busy. And that’s a shame. I look forward to slowing down and taking it all in and enjoying this beautiful life we are blessed with!


  1. How Lovely! Candace has warmth that just leaps off the pages. A true creative spirit!

    • Hi BarnCandy! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Yes, Candace is just really wonderful. We’re looking forward to more inspiring projects from her.

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