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Amy is the woman behind The Idea Room, a lifestyle blog that lets her share her crafting and DIY skills with her readers. Her blog also includes tips for family activities, favorite recipes, and even some of the challenges Amy has encountered as a mom of 5.

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She has an array of experiences under her belt that serves as inspiration for her blog posts – from working on their family-owned apartments as a child to being a former science teacher, and being a volunteer who works with special needs children. Learn more about Amy in our Q&A section.

BH: What do you love most about blogging?  

Amy: I love being able to meet new people and share the things that I love. I have made some great friends through blogging and have had some pretty great opportunities.

BH: Tell us a little bit more about your decorating style in general.

Amy: I tend to be very classic with my style. I also love to throw in “antiques” to mix it up a bit.  My style is also very clean and fresh. I love white and bright but also love some good color in places.

BH: How would you describe your holiday decorating style? And how has it evolved through the years?

Amy: I am usually very minimal in my holiday decorating. I like bright and happy colors, and always love bringing some red into my Christmas decor along with metallics.

BH: What holiday decorating do’s and don’ts can you share with our readers?  

Amy: Sometimes you can get carried away and I feel like that can actually detract from the meaning of the holidays.

BH: Is there a holiday memory that left an impression on you from your childhood or recent years?  

Amy: One year (when I was 7 or 8), on Christmas Eve, I remember waking to the sound of bells jingling downstairs. It was Santa. He came into the room where my two sisters and I were sleeping, and told us that we had been very good and that he would be back to bring us some very special gifts. I couldn’t fall asleep for several hours with anticipation. The magic of Christmas was very strong that year.

BH: What is your must-have ornament or piece of Christmas décor, and why?  

Amy: It would be our Christmas Nativity Scene. For our family, it is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

BH: How did you go about choosing your Balsam Hill tree and ornaments?  

Amy: I loved the style of the tree and have always had a weakness for white lights. I also loved the metallic gold ornaments and the feeling of richness they add to the decor.

BH: What do you like most about your Balsam Hill tree? How do you plan to decorate your tree?  

Amy: I love the shape of it and how real it looks. I am a realist and tend to shy away from whimsy. The tree will be very classic in its decor, with a few new twists.

BH: Are there any holiday traditions that you enjoy doing with your loved ones every year?  

Amy: We have several traditions we love as a family. We have a gingerbread house party with the kids and their cousins every year at our house. We also read the same Christmas books every year. We wrap them up each year and put them under the tree. We read one a night and save a brand new book to be read on Christmas Eve. We also gift the children a new ornament every year that represents something they did or accomplished that year. Then when they get married or move out we will send them off with their ornaments to start their own Christmas tree.

BH: What can we look forward to on your blog this holiday season? Do you have exciting new holiday decor or party ideas?  

Amy: I always love sharing simple gift ideas, and you will see some simple and easy DIY Christmas decor ideas as well. I also will be sharing some holiday treats and recipes to help you enjoy the holidays with your own family and friends!

BH: Can you tell us in a sentence what Christmas is to you? (Christmas is…)  

Amy: Christmas is about love, the love our Savior has for each of us. Christmas is about serving and giving to others. Christmas is about spending time with your family and your loved ones.

Amy_sneak peek

Here’s a glimpse of Amy’s decorated Norway Spruce Christmas Tree from Balsam Hill. See more of her beautiful holiday centerpiece by visiting The Idea Room.

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