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10 Stunning Christmas Decorating Themes to Recreate This Season

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Decorating ideas for turning your Christmas tree into the showpiece your home deserves.

Christmas Tree with Jewel-toned Ornaments
Shimmering jewel-toned ornaments exude distinct elegance and grace.

The Christmas tree is often considered the heart of holiday decorating. Drawing inspiration from the experiences of the best home décor and lifestyle bloggers out there, we’ve curated some Christmas tree decorating ideas you’ll surely love. We have a number of ideas that will inspire you to design a spectacular centerpiece with an eye-catching display.

Functional Typography

Functional Typography Christmas Tree
Experiment with paper and fonts for varying festive messages (Photo Courtesy of Sarah of Little Vintage Nest)

For a unique twist, personalize your Christmas tree with words that capture the spirit of the season. Sarah of Little Vintage Nest printed lettering on book paper to decorate her Balsam Hill Calistoga Fir Instant Evergreen Tree, giving it a vintage feel for her farmhouse chic style.

Charming Woodlands

Charming Woodlands Christmas Tree
Staying true to the beauty of nature is key to this decorative style (Photo courtesy of French Country Cottage)

To create a woodland look, Courtney of French Country Cottage decorated her Balsam Hill Colorado Mountain Spruce™ with white, silver, and snowy accents reminiscent of a frosted landscape. To achieve this theme, use holiday decorations close to nature, from foliage to organic ornamentation. Wintry white and silver décor complemented by pinecones, red berries, and twigs create a warm and welcoming look reminiscent of a sparkling woodland.

Rustic and Glamorous

Rustic and Glamorous Christmas Tree
This theme combines the best of both traditional and contemporary holiday decorating (Photo courtesy of Cherished Bliss)

For a stunning combination of rustic charm and brilliant glamour, Ashley of Cherished Bliss combined woodsy ornaments and gold-glittered décor on her Balsam Hill Shasta Fir. To balance the contrasting themes, she added bright white decorations, such as snowflakes and white ball ornaments. Ashley chose a tree with stable and sturdy branches to support the abundance of décor needed to achieve this unique style.

Vintage Treasures

Vintage Treasures Christmas Tree
Treasured trinkets add a variety of textures and layers to your tree (Photo courtesy of Jeanne Oliver)

Drawing from her love for vintage, art, and travel, Jeanne Oliver adorned her Balsam Hill Nantucket Blue Spruce Instant Evergreen™ with trinkets and souvenirs from her trips to Europe and Mexico.

She also displayed some of her local flea market finds: French pocket watches, laundry labels, and vintage buttons gave Jeanne’s Christmas tree an air of nostalgia. Red striped ribbon, pinecones, white candles, chalkboard ornaments, and old paintbrushes added visual interest to the ensemble. The weathered look of the star tree topper tied in with the old-world look of this tree.

Traditionally Elegant

Traditionally Elegant Christmas Tree

For a traditional, elegant look, incorporates multiple textures and hues (Photo courtesy of Unskinny Boppy)

To decorate her Balsam Hill Shasta Fir, Beth of Unskinny Boppy mixed ornaments in an array of shapes, patterns, and textures which brought together the classic colors of burgundy, gold, and bronze.

Leaf accents, glittered ball ornaments, chevron-patterned ornaments, and beaded strings of red and gold created a lively ensemble of color. A burlap accent that ran through the tree unified the varied elements into one cohesive look.

Spruced with Snowy Charm

Silver and White Snowy Christmas Tree
A silver and white combination echoes the snowy charm of the season (Photo courtesy of My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia)

The King Mountain Pine decorated by Kristin of My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia used an icy color scheme to provide shimmer to her wintry décor. Mimicking frost on branches during the winter, she combined solid-colored ball ornaments and snowflake decorations in white and silver with transparent ornaments. Lace-like patterns on some of the ornaments created texture and visual interest—an important element when the color palette is limited to muted colors.

Contemporary Country Chic

Contemporary Country Christmas Tree
Black and white ornaments give this otherwise traditional tree a modern touch (Photo courtesy of Finding Home)

Breaking away from the usual holiday décor, Laura of Finding Home used a red, black, and white palette to decorate her Balsam Hill Nantucket Blue Spruce Instant Evergreen™ Christmas tree.

She placed her tree on an upturned iron bucket to add height and interest to the modern display. The upswept branches were filled with vintage and DIY ornaments in the trio of colors in her theme. Larger bright red decorations, such as the ball ornaments and bells, commanded attention while red and gold stars and white snowflakes provided a festive touch.

Monochromatic Blue

Christmas Tree with Monochromatic Blue Ornaments
A blue Christmas is a favorite among home decorators who love to combine the traditional and the contemporary (Photo courtesy of At The Picket Fence).

The towering Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce™ decorated by Heather of At The Picket Fence captured a versatile color scheme with the use of blue, white, and gold. Ball ornaments and snowflakes in various shades of blue added a depth of color to Heather’s Christmas tree. Pristine white ornaments and gold icicles added a variety of accents.

Whimsical and Fun

Whimsical Christmas Tree
Wintry white foliage displayed under a unique color palette of fuchsia pink and turquoise blue in this tree (Photo courtesy of Thislewood Farms)

While many home decorators opt for a more traditional green Christmas tree, others choose a Christmas tree in a white color as a canvas to play out the bold colors of modern décor. Karianne of Thistlewood Farms chose Balsam Hill’s Classic White Christmas Tree for her unconventional Pink-a-Palooza masterpiece: a funky mix of disco balls and bright pops of color.

An assortment of ornaments in various textures and patterns gave this tree its whimsical appeal. Pink and silver glittered star, snowflake, bird, and dragonfly ornaments made the whole look into a fancy, lively ensemble.

Coastal Elegance

Christmas Tree with Coastal Ornaments
Starfish, sand dollars, and sea shells are signature additions to any coastal Christmas tree (Photo courtesy of Sand & Sisal)

Kim of Sand & Sisal infused her Christmas decorations with her love of surf, sand, and sea when she put together her Balsam Hill Scotch Pine. For an extra layer of texture and interest, Kim stuffed pampas grass fronds in between the lush pine needles. In place of the usual garland or ribbons, she used whip coral spray-painted in white and encrusted with Epsom salt. Displayed with the lights on, the sea glass ball ornaments and capiz shell icicles emitted a soft translucent glow, while ivory white ball ornaments appear like giant pearls nestled between the branches.

Coastal Christmas Tree Ornaments

This palette of white, turquoise, aqua, and sky blue reflects cool coastal colors that are refreshing to the eye. You can effortlessly achieve this look with Balsam Hill’s Coastal Elegance Decorating Theme.

Your Christmas tree and its ornaments reflect your unique personality and echo cherished memories with loved ones. Have you decided on a theme this year? Start your decorating journey with Balsam Hill by selecting a Christmas tree and decorating theme, or visiting our Resource Center for more decorating ideas to inspire extraordinary moments.

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