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Inspired by my passion for the visual arts and my years of experience in the field of design, I enjoy a life of style and artistry. I am a devoted follower of minimalism and I believe in the marriage of form and function. I try to live by these principles, from my subtle but classic fashion sense when it comes to clothes and jewelry, to the various projects I manage and work on in my professional career Influenced by the refined grace of Coco Chanel, the timeless beauty of my favorite city, Stockholm, and the new ideas and trends I read from design books, I try to infuse my life with elegance and sophistication. Join me on Balsam Hill’s blog to get my tips and advice on home design and personal style.

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Timeless Design Ideas for your Patio

The patio is not only a warm setting where people can host dinner parties and small gatherings, it is also a homeowner’s immediate retreat from the sometimes stuffy environment of the indoors. It is a space intended for relaxation, a place where you can breathe fresh air,  sit with a good book and leave your problems behind for a short while.

As far as patio designs go, you can never go wrong with a rustic look. They are timeless and they always exude sophistication. They also seamlessly blend with modern décor and any natural surroundings. Finally, there is something about them that’s comforting, as if they’re a gentle reminder of simpler times.

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Spring Renewal: Tips on Decorating for Spring

The 20th of March marks the beginning of spring, the season of fresh flowers and invigorating rain showers. This season is all about starting over, making it the perfect time to redecorate your home. Here are some tips on how to enliven your space in time for spring.

Bright Shades and Pastel Hues

Balsam Hill’s Realistic Spring Florals. Photo from Liz Marie Blog

Add a pop of color to your home, a fresh change from the dreary blues and grays of winter, by painting your walls a bright color like light yellow or orange. These shades emit an energetic vibe perfect for the season’s theme of renewal.

A color-infused home, however, does not end with the walls. As pictured above, something as simple as a bit of color on a seat cushion, colored tabletop accents, throw pillows, and even rugs can make a room brighter. Elizabeth of The Mustard Ceiling blog shares some more inspirations on how you can use shades of yellow in your home.

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

5 Top Female Home Designers

In celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8, let us give a toast to five women who have raised the bar in interior design. These women are known for their luxurious styles and refined tastes, and have become a force to be reckoned with in the design field.

Victoria Hagan

The founder of Victoria Hagan Interiors and Victoria Hagan Home has been in the interior design business for almost three decades. Known for her clean, sleek style and use of neutral and sophisticated colors, Victoria Hagan creates designs that are a mix of natural, modern, and traditional elements, among others. She has designed residential and corporate interiors as well as her family’s home in Connecticut, which showcases her impeccable style. Read This Entry

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Enchanting Entryways

The most breathtaking homes charm you the moment you step in. A transit point between the outside world and your own luxurious enclave, the entryway can exude an ambiance that is both intimate and spectacular.

How does one create an enchanting entryway? Read on to find out.

Bre of Rooms for Rent's enchanting entryway

Our Evergreen Magnolia Wreath and Wintry Woodlands Foliage add rustic tones to this entryway from Bre of Rooms for Rent

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Top Five Most Expensive Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are now a fixture in holiday celebrations all over the world. The Christmas tree has come a long way from its roots in early modern Germany. Acquiring popularity in the 19th century, the Christmas tree tradition has spread to almost every part of the world, thus leading to the production of a variety of Christmas trees—some traditional, unusual, spectacular, and with our list, downright expensive. Take a look at some of the most expensive Christmas trees ever made, proving that the fruit-and-candle decorated trees of times passed have come a long way.

1. Christmas Tree at Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The United Arab Emirates is known to have a taste for luxury with its 7-star hotels, ultramodern architecture, and numerous high-end establishments. It is no surprise that one of the most expensive Christmas trees can be found in this part of the world. The Christmas tree at the Emirates Palace Hotel in the capital of Abu Dhabi is worth millions, worthy of the UAE’s reputation for luxury. The tree itself is natural but the precious gold, diamond, emerald, and other expensive decorations make this 13-foot tree a true gem, worth well over $11.4M. Read This Entry

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Top 10 Christmas Light Displays Around the World

Christmas light decorations have become such a large part of the holiday tradition that the yuletide season seems to be incomplete without them. In some places, however, the lights have gone beyond being a mere thing of tradition – great Christmas light displays have also been known to amaze and inspire. In some places, the best Christmas light shows are nothing but spectacular, breathtaking, and well worth a visit.

1. Disney World, Florida, USA

Photo from Randy Pertiet via flickr. CC BY 2.0


A favorite destination whatever time of the year, Disney World has established itself as a prime vacation getaway with its numerous must-see sights, shops, and recreation spots. Dubbed as “the happiest place on earth,” Disney World may just be in the running for the brightest place in the planet come Christmas time. During the holiday season, the myriad lights that illuminate the site add to Disney World’s magical appeal. The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is also a must-see Christmas tradition with its animated display of brilliant lights dancing to well-loved holiday tunes.

2. Forum des Halles, Paris, France

Photo from pterjan via flickr. CC BY 2.0


The famous city of lights has its own share of must-see Christmas light displays. Located in the 1st arrondissement south of rue Montorgueil, the Forum des Halles is an open air center in the Les Halles area of Paris near the Louvre and the Centre Pompodou. The area is accentuated with magnificent sculptures, fountains, and mosaics. Its underground maze of shops and chic cafés are usually alive with energy, and Christmas light decorations further enhance the festive ambiance, making it an ideal place for a Parisian night out.

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Balsam Hill’s Most Stunning Pre-lit Christmas Tree Photo Showcase

All year long, Balsam Hill has focused on designing and producing stunningly realistic artificial Christmas trees that are the height of beauty and convenience. As a thank you for choosing our trees to be at the heart of your Christmas celebration, we invite you to share a photo of your decorated pre-lit Balsam Hill tree with us for a chance to win one of three Balsam Hill gift cards.

Balsam Hill's Most Stunning Pre-lit Christmas Tree Photo Contest

To join the contest, simply “Like” us on Facebook and submit a photo via our Facebook page. When you enter, make sure you tell us which Balsam Hill pre-lit tree is in the photo. The top three trees with the most likes win!

Contest Details:

Contest Page
Submission Dates: 12/20/2012 – 12/31/2012
Voting Dates: 1/01/2013 – 1/07/2013

Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Decorating Your Slim Christmas Tree

With the increasing popularity of contemporary interior design styles, many are turning to slim Christmas trees for their homes and apartments. Not only are these space-saving trees naturally elegant, they are also the perfect accessories for themed celebrations. Read on for a few tips on how to decorate the perfect slim Christmas tree.

Balsam Hill's Silverado Slim tree

Balsam Hill’s Silverado Slim tree

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Elegant Christmas Party Must-Haves: A Feature Post by Elizabeth Copeland

Earlier this year, we asked our fans to share how they prepare an elegant Christmas party for their friends and family in our Balsam Hill Blog Contest. Elizabeth Copeland responded with not only wonderful decor ideas, but also recipes for delicious party treats that will be a hit with your guests. Reposted from her blog, Water Rolls Uphill, read on to find out just how this mother of three throws a simple, pitch perfect Christmas gathering that is a feast for both the spirit and the senses.

Elegant Christmas Party Must-Haves

by Elizabeth Copeland of Water Rolls Uphill

Last year, my Christmas tree fell three times. Sad, isn’t it? Imagine my despair as I stood surrounded by pine needles and shattered ornaments (three times!), and I’m sure that you will agree that my last thought was how to have the perfect Christmas soiree.  However, as  I sit relaxing and enjoying company, I am reflecting on how to share a wonderful Christmas evening with friends and family.  I also threw my hat in the ring to win an extravagant $10,000 shopping spree at Balsam Hill (you can enter on their Facebook page). [Editor’s note: This sweepstakes ended on December 12, 2012.]

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Jessica | Balsam Hill Designer

Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Ceiling

For small living spaces, the ceiling presents itself as a vast area to explore and decorate for the holidays, allowing homeowners to elegantly decorate their home to their heart’s content without looking cluttered or cramped. Ceilings can be maximized even for larger spaces. Whimsical decorations hanging from the ceiling and swaying with the breeze create an uplifting and enchanting ambiance and add a unique touch to holiday design. Below are some ideas on how to decorate your ceiling:

Hang Ornaments

Hanging ornaments is perhaps the most well-known way of decorating the ceiling, but this design can be anything but common if you put your heart into it. Tie ribbons to silver snowflake ornaments of different sizes, and hang them at varying lengths along the walls, tracing the entire room for a more stunning effect. Choose a corner to decorate – beside the doorway or above the dining room table – and hang snowflake and icicle ornaments. Clear plastic balls can be transformed into lovely ornaments by placing a picture inside, coating the ball with glittery glue, then hanging them at different lengths. Place beads and glitter inside some of the balls for variety.

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