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6 Top Spots for Hanging Fall Wreaths to Cozy Up Your Home

Hanging a wreath is an easy way to get ready for Fall. Vibrant and abundant foliage creates a welcoming ambience throughout your home. Here are different ways to decorate with Fall wreaths⁠—from the front door to the rest of your living spaces.

1. Front Door

Wreaths on front doors are a common sight during harvest season. Their warm colors and natural beauty make your home look inviting.

Balsam Hill Outdoor Fall Radiance Wreath and Garland on front door

Seasonal foliage on your front door signals the start of Fall

Balsam Hill Autumn Market Artificial Fall Wreath and Garland on double doors

Display two fall wreaths of the same style on double doors

Tip: To hang a wreath, stick an adhesive hook upside down on the back of the door. Position the wreath in front of the door. Loop a string through the wreath and tie the ends. Then go over the door and attach the string to the hook at the back.

2. Entryway

Greet your visitors with a colorful wreath in your foyer or mudroom. Some quick ways to decorate are to hang it on a coat hook, or prop it up on a bench or table. It will make a lasting impression when guests leave, too.

Balsam Hill Sunset Meadow Artificial Fall Wreath on statement wall

Draw inspiration from Holly of Rustic Wild Arrow‘s statement wall

Balsam Hill Autumn Abundance Artificial Wreath and Garland on foyer

Jamie of Whitetail Farmhouse’s harvest-themed set-up used matching wreath and garland

Tip: Add color to a bare hallway with a seasonal wreath. The staircase banister is another area that will look lovely with greenery.

3. Living Room

Next to the front door, the fireplace mantel is the most popular spot for wreaths. It creates a center of interest that is seen from any corner of the room.

Sunset Meadow Artificial Fall Wreath by Balsam Hill above a mantel

Pick a wreath in colors that complement the room like Charlotte of Charlottes Happy Home

Place pre-lit wreaths on windows to brighten your home outside at night, too. Another idea is to hang a wreath in front of a mirror, an artwork, or an empty frame. Remember to scale it to the size of the frame for visual impact.

Balsam Hill’s Sunset Meadow Artificial Fall Wreath in a window frame

Charlotte used a forsythia wreath and a window frame to make a striking wall décor

Tip: Showcase a wreath with an empty picture frame. Find a beautiful one at thrift stores or recycle an old frame you no longer use for a customized twist.

4. Kitchen

Hang a wreath on a shelf, cupboard, or stovetop to make your kitchen cozier. Furniture with knob handles are easy spots to decorate. Add a dash of cheer to dishwashing with a pretty fall wreath above the sink.

Balsam Hill Dahlia and Pumpkin Forest Artificial Fall Wreath on a pantry door

Holly hung a wreath on her pantry door to bring a touch of fall into her kitchen

Tip: Hang your wreath with a thick ribbon for a polished look. Make sure it’s supported by the ribbon at the 12 o’clock position. For heavier wreaths, adjust the ribbon to the 1 o’clock and 11 o’clock positions.

5. Dining Room

Get ready to host memorable meals with a DIY wreath turned chandelier above your table. For a creative centerpiece, lay one flat and put a lamp or LED flameless candles in the middle.

Balsam Hill Briarwood Cottage Artificial Fall Wreath on a cupboard

Hang a fall wreath on a display cupboard to liven up your dining room

Complement your tablescape with a wreath on a dining room cabinet or buffet table. Choose a color palette that ties in the look of your decorating theme.

Balsam Hill Sunset Meadow Artificial Fall Wreath on a cabinet

Create impact with a bright wreath against a neutral background, like Charlotte’s display

Tip: Put a wreath at the base of a cake stand or serving platter as an accent to your table setting.

6. Bedroom

Place a wreath on the wall above your bed or on closet doors to add pops of color. Or, use them to bring a seasonal touch into your bathroom area.

Balsam Hill Briarwood Cottage Artificial Fall Wreath above a bed

Cozy up your bedroom with a wreath like Randi of Cottage on Walnut

Tip: Hang your greenery using ways that don’t need nails or holes.

Warm up your home with wreaths that celebrate the beauty of Fall. Want them to stay vibrant throughout the season and beyond? Go to Balsam Hill for lifelike artificial wreaths. For more inspiration, check out our catalog.

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    I love my Balsam Hill green Christmas garlands which we have all over the house in December but we dont have any fall garlands, I need to update for autumn:)) Your Briarwood garland is really beautiful.