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Christmas with Debbie Macomber: A Holiday Home Tour [VIDEO]

Debbie Macomber’s widely beloved Christmas novels are an endearing expression of her love for the season. Likewise, her message of family, friendship, and joy shines through in the way she prepares her home for the holidays. In this video, Debbie shows us how her own family decorates for and celebrates the most wonderful time of the year.

Here’s what we learned from Debbie about Christmas decorating:

1. It’s Merrier with More Christmas Trees

Debbie enjoys brightening up her home with a decorated Christmas tree in the living room, foyer, family room, and in each of her children’s rooms. If you’ve thought of having a second tree or more, now is a great time to try it out. Whatever size or shape, multiple trees let you create different looks with the entire family.

2. It’s Time to Display Your Christmas Collection

Seeing her collection of Nativity scenes reminds Debbie of the stories and people who gave them to her as gifts. Decorate with items that hold special meaning for you, such as heirloom ornaments, travel souvenirs, or keepsakes from major milestones. They’re a great way to start conversations and celebrate your most memorable experiences.

3. It’s All About the People in Your Life

Debbie loves hosting, so she makes sure her home is festive yet comfortable for her guests. Christmas is for spending time with those we care about, so we want to make our home as inviting as we can. A few throws for keeping warm, handmade place cards, or simply providing for special dietary needs—personal touches such as these make your celebrations as entertaining and heartwarming as Debbie’s stories.

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