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Balsam Hill’s Countdown to Christmas

At the heart of Christmas decorating is the yearning to capture the spirit of the season in our homes. When you brighten up a corner with warm lights or hang a beautiful wreath on a door, you breathe meaning and life into ordinary spaces and make them more special for the holidays.

Countdown to Christmas Blog Hop

For the next four weeks, Balsam Hill invites you to follow the 2nd annual Countdown to Christmas blog hop as we showcase the personal decorating designs of our blogger friends. This year, we asked them to spruce up a specific area of their home with a special selection of Balsam Hill décor and to share the one Christmas memory that they treasure most.

In addition, we’re kicking things off with an exciting giveaway on November 28. Click here to find out how you can get a chance to win one of 12 Balsam Hill gift certificates worth $150 each.

Follow the Countdown

Here’s the schedule of our 13 bloggers:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Our brand ambassador, Courtney of French Country Cottage, will wrap things up on December 23. Following our blog hop, Balsam Hill founder and CEO, Thomas Harman, delivers a special Christmas message on December 24.

We’d love for you to share in the warmth and excitement of Balsam Hill’s Countdown to Christmas this year. Visit us over the next few weeks as the countdown unfolds!

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On the Balsam Hill blog, we hope to provide our readers with inspirational decorating ideas the entire family will love. Beautifully appoint your home for every holiday with our decorating tips and tricks.

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10 thoughts on “Balsam Hill’s Countdown to Christmas

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  2. Danielle M Fernandez

    My favorite Christmas memory its hard to choose just one. We had Christmas in Lake Tahoe with lots of relatives where they rented a house for a week. We were able to have our first real white Christmas and build snowmen. There were lots of us kids spending time in the snow for the first time. Another time we were spending Christmas in the mountains and I remember the family having to decorate a tree with out any ornaments so we had to make our own with card board boxes , magazines and popcorn. I think the second one would be a favorite because you had to use a lot of creativity to make it work. It turned out to be one of the best decorating moments

  3. Michelle Northcutt

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is baking Christmas goodies with grandma. She was so patient with us kids and always let us help her with the fun stuff, like measuring, stirring and decorating! Now I’ve passed the tradition down to my own kids!

  4. textiff

    My favorite memory is the Christmas when my oldest son was just a month old. He was born November 24. He was my first child and my parents first grandchild. Such a joyous Christmas!

  5. jbee

    My favorite Christmas memory is when my little brother, who is 14 years younger than me, first opened a gift from Santa. His eyes were just full of joy and his smile was so huge, I had to pretend that I was surprised as well.

  6. Tracy

    my most remembered Christmas is when I found out I was 3 months pregnant with my son who is a God send and a blessing. I surprised my mom with a gift of a baby bottle and a ultra sound in the bottle all wrapped in a Christmas box. She was so shocked she cried.

  7. Rhonda Hayder

    My first Christmas married was a romantic one because it was my husbands and I’s first Christmas! We went to a cabin in the mountains and had the most wonderful time! That was in 1980. My husband has since past with ALS but I bought the cabin and my kids, grandkids and other family members celebrate Christmas there talking about the first Christmas we ever had in that very cabin.

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