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Tips and Videos: How to Store Christmas Decorations

Another wonderful Christmas season has passed and now you’re faced with the not-so-wonderful job of packing away the tree and other decorations. Today, I’m sharing some short videos on how to store your holiday greenery efficiently and conveniently.


Storing topiaries can be challenging as they don’t disassemble into sections like most Christmas trees do. I recommend the Expandable Topiary Storage Bag because it is specially designed to protect potted trees, and even expands to accommodate topiaries up to 6 feet in height.

Simply put the topiary into the base of the unzipped bag. Make sure that the connectors on the sides are undone, and then pull up the bag to cover the entire topiary.

Artificial Christmas Trees

If you have a premium Christmas tree storage bag, such as the Rolling Multi-Purpose Greenery Bag, then compress and tie the tree branches as described above. Place the tree sections inside the bag, and then fasten and tighten the inner straps to secure your tree. Zip up the bag and roll it to your storage area.

Decorated Wreaths

Many pre-decorated wreaths contain small items and delicate accents that may be damaged by improper storage containers. To keep your Christmas wreath in pristine condition for longer, consider storing it in a premium wreath storage bag. If this isn’t an available option, you can try a simple yet effective DIY solution which I demonstrate in this video.

With these tips in mind, your post-holiday activities should go more smoothly, and your seasonal décor should stay in great shape for much longer. For more smart storage solutions, head on over to Balsam Hill.

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