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How to Decorate with Lanterns and Flameless Candles

Sprucing up your home often requires making the most of every item you have on hand. Certain pieces, such as colorful throw pillows or wreaths, provide limited flexibility of use as they tend to be identified with certain seasons. Lanterns and flameless candles are timeless accents that offer great decorating versatility and longevity. They can be used in endless variations to suit different times of year, themes, or occasions. Read on for some tips on how to use lanterns and flameless candles to brighten your spaces.

Balsam Hill's Candela Crossbar LanternsYours

Balsam Hill’s Candela Crossbar Lantern

Decorate for All Seasons

Think of lanterns and flameless candles as a blank canvas – you can decorate them in a multitude of ways. Here are some examples of how easily you can transform them into different displays, for all four seasons.

Create a delightful spring showcase with lanterns festooned with rustic accents inspired by nature. Bird’s nests with wooden eggs, faux butterflies, and flowers are just a few of the options you can try. You can also convert larger lanterns into interesting terrariums to serve as conversation starters or table centerpieces at your next gathering.

For fall, surround yourself with the bounty of the season. Arrange autumn flowers, pinecones, twigs, leaves, and velvet pumpkins on a console or buffet table, and then elevate your candles to add height and dimension to your composition. Their warm glow will catch the eye and make for a more welcoming display.

Balsam Hill's Fall Harvest Garland as a centerpiece

Balsam Hill’s Fall Harvest Garland as a centerpiece

When winter comes, decorate with minimal fuss and maximum impact. Choose a simple yet refined color palette, and accent your lanterns and candles with lush Christmas foliage in keeping with the season. Add crystal ornaments for a winter wonderland look to tie in with the theme.

Lend Warmth Inside the Home

Create charming tablescapes that will invite your guests to linger. Pair vintage lanterns with other objects with weathered finishes, and then add vibrant accents and green foliage for beautiful pops of color. Flameless candles produce no heat, so they are absolutely safe to display alongside plants and food, and they won’t make metal lanterns hot to the touch.

You can also utilize lanterns and flameless candles to adorn mantels and the tops of armoires. Keep in mind that you will want to create a tableau that tells a story, so feel free to include keepsakes, family heirlooms, or collectibles to provide that personal touch.

Bring Elegance to the Outdoors

Lend radiance to paths and steps with lanterns paired with flameless candles. Lanterns are usually weighted to give more stability, so the wind won’t knock them over. They also give an air of rustic charm and look luminously beautiful lined up along a walkway or on low steps.

Give a warm welcome to your guest by cleverly positioning your lantern and candles in a corner of your front porch. Added embellishments, such as a pot of cheerful blooms or a welcome sign, complete the look. Another idea is to flank the front door with a pair of lanterns to provide balanced lighting and symmetry to your entryway.

Add Embellishments

Pumpkin and foliage arrangement with lanterns

Pumpkin and foliage arrangement with lanterns

Decorating with lanterns is effortless as they are striking on their own, but you can enhance their appeal with well-placed ribbons, string lights, and many more. Their often neutral color presents the perfect foil to more colorful ornamentation and complements almost any kind of décor you adorn it with.

Flameless candles made out of real paraffin wax don’t heat and melt, so they are safe to embellish with delicate items, such as lace, twine, and beads.

Flameless candles do not need air, so it’s easy to create simple yet sophisticated displays using glass cloches. Scatter twigs, shells, river stones, and other embellishments around the domes for extra visual interest.

There are a multitude of ways to enhance your home décor with lanterns and flameless candles, and hopefully you have been inspired by some of the ideas shown here. Give your creative side free rein and enjoy captivating displays throughout the year.

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