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4 Steps to Creating a Woodland Themed Christmas Tree

The woods are full of hidden treasures that give them an air of enchantment and beauty. From the vibrant hues of lush greenery to the energy of the buzzing ecosystem, the forest is a great source of creative inspiration. To bring this natural charm into Christmas decor and infuse natural coziness into indoor spaces, I drew some ideas from this landscape to design a woodland themed Christmas tree! Read on to learn how you can create a woodland Christmas tree in your own home:

Ornaments to Use

Woodland Ornament Set by Balsam Hill

Capture the enchanting vista of the woods with Balsam Hill’s 35-piece Woodland Ornament Set

For the bulk of the ornaments, I wanted to include earthy elements and pieces that communicate both the frozen hues of a winter forest and the life that persists through every season. The Woodland Ornament Set from Balsam Hill features an ideal selection of frosted acorns, bird’s nests, owls, and twigs. Each piece has a rustic touch reminiscent of the quiet countryside.

To complement this ornament set, I used the following Balsam Hill products, which both enhance and add interest to the Woodland display:

Ornaments for a Woodland-themed Christmas Tree

1) Jingle Bell Felted Ribbon; 2) Woodland Red Berry Sprays; 3) Brown Glen Plaid Ribbon;
4) Woodland Owl Ornament Set (now discontinued); 5) Manor Robin Bird Ornaments (now discontinued); 6) Mercury Glass Ornaments

How to Create a Woodland Themed Display

1. Start with the Tree Topper

Woodland Christmas Tree Topper

Leaves and red berries as the tree topper

The best tree topper for a woodland themed Christmas tree is something made of natural elements. The red berry sprays and leaf picks I’ve selected are a perfect balance of organic shapes mixed with standout colors that highlight the vibrancy of the woods.

These are simple to create a topper from; just insert the picks at the crown of the tree, making sure 8 inches of the sprays are sticking out from the tip. Alternate the position of the leaves and berries and make sure the placement is roughly symmetrical. For a luxurious look, slightly fan the sprays and picks so that they extend outwards from the top of the tree. Then, insert the bird’s nest from the Woodland Ornament Kit at the side of the tree facing the front. Add in the bird from the Manor Robin Set as a finishing touch.

2. Work on the Garland

Vertical Garland on Woodland-themed Christmas tree

Adorn your woodland Christmas tree with a vertical garland made of Jingle Bell Felted Ribbons

Balsam Hill’s Jingle Bell Felted Ribbon is the perfect adornment for this tree because of its earthy brown color. Use five rolls of this ribbon to create the vertical garland.

Jingle Bell Felted Ribbon from Balsam Hill

Count the jingle bells on the ribbon to measure the length of each loop.

Start at the top by attaching the tip of the ribbon with floral wire onto the tree. Measure up to five  bells, before looping the ribbon and cinching it with wire. Work toward the bottom. You can have an interval of six bells at the bottom for a larger loop.

Create ribbon ties with the Brown Glen Plaid Ribbon and hang each tie on the spaces between the cinches on the vertical garland.

3. Add the Ornaments

Woodland Tree Ornaments

Plan the layout before hanging the ornaments. Count how many pieces you have of each unique design and make sure that they are distributed evenly throughout the tree. Hang several of the ornaments in each section in a staggered manner, in such a way that the ornaments are not repeated often, or that similar pieces are not next to each other.

4. Finish with Leaves and Berries

Finishing touches with berry sprays and picks

When you have finished hanging all the ornaments, add a finishing touch by filling in blank spaces with berry picks, snow berries, and oak leaves. Take a step back and adjust as necessary to give it a full, but balanced look.

You can add some more ornaments that have the same rustic charm and fit the theme too. When you’re done creating your woodland themed Christmas tree, you can now enjoy the relaxing view brought by your nature-inspired display.

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Dagmar Obert is a designer with over two decades of experience transforming homes into spaces that reflect comfort and elegance. Her sophisticated style emanates from her love of color, forms, and textures. From her choice of fabric to her selection of accent pieces, Dagmar pulls together the look of a room to deliver a statement of class. Surrounded by family and friends, Dagmar takes delight in turning her own home into a venue where wonderful occasions are made more memorable. Her how-to guides and inspiration articles on decorating and entertaining provide readers with unique ways to create the perfect setting for life’s cherished moments.

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