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How to Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree: Easy Elegance with Instant Evergreens™

Enjoy the advantages of using Balsam Hill’s signature Instant Evergreen™ Christmas trees. With these beautiful artisan displays, you can create a stylish yuletide highlight for your home within mere minutes.

Centennial Fir Instant Evergreen

Setup in Minutes to Achieve Easy Elegance

For people who prefer lighted Christmas displays, one of the main challenges they encounter is setting up the wires properly. While many other pre-lit holiday trees offer easy-to-follow Christmas lights systems, Balsam Hill takes the concept further by providing a pioneering way that fuses consumer-friendly features with first class brilliance.


Aptly called the Easy Plug™, our technology lets consumers set up their yuletide trees without worrying about cumbersome wires. The electrical connections are expertly concealed within the tree base. Each tier is comprised of elaborate lighting powered up through plugs inside the poles.

How does an Instant Evergreen work? Watch this video.

Lush Foliage Comes Pre-shaped

Storing your Christmas tree in a box often leaves the branches mangled and out of shape. Year after year, the quality of your artificial Christmas tree gradually deteriorates because of this repetitive method of storage.


With the unique memory wire branches of Balsam Hill’s Instant Evergreen trees, your artisan Christmas tree can retain its profile regardless of how long it has been in storage. Made from dense wire silhouettes, the branches automatically fan out once taken out of the box. This collapsible function allows you to display or store your holiday tree without the need to fluff or unfluff it.

The Realism of Live Christmas Trees

The Instant Evergreen trees are designed with Balsam Hill’s award-winning True Needle™ technology. This means that each artificial holiday tree mimics the realism of live Christmas trees through the use of lush evergreen foliage.


This quality, combined with warm lighting, makes these Christmas trees the best highlight for any holiday celebration.

Bring easy elegance into your holiday decorating this season with Balsam Hill’s premier Instant Evergreen trees. Choose from our fine collection of artificial holiday trees such as the Centennial Fir, Pinehurst Spruce, Calistoga Fir, and Nantucket Blue Spruce. Fill your space with the natural beauty of these lifelike artisan displays in minutes!

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