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Ask Balsam Hill with Dagmar Obert: On Front Door Foliage

Decorating your front door is one way to welcome each season with open arms and receive guests with warmth. In this post, Dagmar gives her take on what foliage to decorate your home with at different times of the year.

What type of foliage should I use to decorate my door front?

There are now many options for your front door decorations. From metal and wooden items, to plastic objects (if they have the right flair), you can turn your front door into a welcoming and interesting sight. All of these can be uniquely enhanced using foliage, which is one subtle way to add vibrancy to your front porch. So how should you select something that signifies beauty and life for your door?

To make it easy, let me answer the questions while addressing each season.


During springtime, leaves turn light green with a tad of yellow , showing off the ecstatic hues of the season. Most of the flowers in bloom like daffodils, tulips and cool-colored hyacinths are divine. Best of all, they cut the cold of winter with their saturated color. Decorate with foliage associated with these flowers. Some like to use a grapevine base with the chartreuse-like foliage or even eggs for Easter since this indicates the beginning of life. These ideas point to Spring and the anticipation you get once you think of the activities and the time you’re going to spend outdoors.


Summer brings in a myriad of colors, including warmer tones like the show-stopping reds of geraniums and the bold colors of the Fourth of July. The greenery, on the other hand, tends to be more kelly green. This provides a great backdrop for all the drama of the pure-hued colors and the variety that’s prevalent in nature.

The foliage that comes with these flowers, as well as the greenery from shrubs and deciduous trees and bushes, make for an excellent base that can become a lovely welcoming sight. These exciting colors are a reminder of the days spent outdoors, which are longer during this season.


Fall shakes up the typical order of nature. The predominance of the color green takes a backseat as yellows, oranges, reds and even the deep hues of purple are given a special emphasis. Wonderful shapes and textures bring variety and life to the surroundings with the harvest season on its way. For instance, a grapevine wreath has no green foliage, but its pumpkins and leaves provide such a unique color and texture.

Autumn Leaves Foliage from Balsam Hill

Fill your home with the warm and vivid colors of fall with Balsam Hill’s Autumn Leaves Foliage

Orange and yellow leaves are a wonderful way to decorate your door. This can be in the form of a swag, a cluster or a garland to celebrate the last sweet kisses from the sun. It’s almost as if the leaves want us to remember them in their magnificence before the long winter days ahead.

Corn husks, cotton, tobacco and other foliage are all unique adornments that express your heartfelt intention to welcome your guests. Balsam Hill’s Autumn Hydrangea Mix Foliage features a beautiful variety of natural and bold hues, reminiscent of lush landscapes and bountiful harvests. The garland, wreath and centerpiece that make up this collection are a perfect complement to doors, entryways and mantels.

Orchard Harvest Wreath by Balsam Hill

Orchard Harvest Wreath by Balsam Hill

The warm and welcoming tones in Balsam Hill’s Orchard Harvest Wreath best reflect the breathtaking colors of the fall. With a stunning palette made up of maroon, bronze, copper and gold, the foliage rejuvenates your home, easily transitioning the fall ambience into a more festive holiday mood.


With winter comes the return of greens. These are mostly represented by coniferous foliage. Deep grey green foliage with bright red berries complements the prevalent black-brown bark and greyed shrub branches scattered across the landscape. This foliage makes sense because it matches winter’s offerings.

I like putting up something for more than a few weeks, so I make sure not to adorn my front door foliage heavily with Christmas ornaments. This makes my decoration appropriate even until after the holidays.

Winter Garden Wreath by Balsam Hill

The Winter Garden Wreath features evergreens like cypress and eucalyptus, which survive all four seasons.

The environment has great impact on how we should decorate. We should be careful because things can get out of place. For example, a décor arrangement on a log cabin should be significantly different from the décor in a brick Georgian home.

A front porch decorated with Balsam Hill's Bay Laurel with Mixed Berries Topiary

Balsam Hill’s Bay Laurel with Mixed Berries Topiary is perfect for cheering up the porch for the holidays. (Photo c/o Balancinghome.com)

Change your front door décor at least twice if not three times a year to capture the season, celebrate its bounty and give your home a fresh and inspired look.

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