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Interior Design Transition: From Fall to Winter

Autumn is about to come to a close. The transition to winter is often so brief that most decorating enthusiasts make significant changes to their indoor spaces once the seasons change. When all the autumn leaves have fallen to the ground, you immediately see the drastic disappearance of color associated with winter.

What many don’t realize is that one can continue to draw inspiration from autumn even for the yuletide season. Courtesy of the Balsam Hill blog, here are decorating ideas using fall accents that highlight the beauty of winter.

Reusing Rustic Pine Cones

Balsam Hill's Pinecone Kit and Norwegian Spruce wreath

Pine cones are excellent autumn décor. They represent the countryside allure that is prevalent in the landscape. They may be found throughout the year, but they undeniably remind us of the spirit of the Christmas season.

For winter, lightly spray-paint pine cones with a hint of white. This provides a vision of snow softly falling on nature’s splendid creations. Another option is to take fall items and spray them with a hint of gold or silver. This will be perfect once you have Christmas lights sparkling throughout the holidays. Arrange the items in a bowl with some acorns and place them on your coffee table to fill your living room with the charm of this wonderful season.

Making the Best of Fall Branches and Candles

Branches can also be used to bring the countryside beauty of the outdoors. Gather interesting branches from your backyard. Find curled or gnarled branches with varying hues. Insert them in glass vases with some salt and place them on your mantel. You can also display them on headboards, bathroom mirrors, and even closet doors. These are exquisite, professional-looking designer pieces that just cost mere pennies.

Rustic yet elegant Autumn Shimmer Candle Holder

These branches also work well with candles. The combination of warmth and pastoral splendor creates an inviting and cozy atmosphere to any indoor space – it’s simply difficult to resist! At the same time, the soft luminescence accentuates the captivating features of other decorative items.

To add a touch of sophistication, you can also include some music sheets or a few books. These provide a layer of mood and interest that anticipates the beautiful symphonies of the season and serves as a quaint reminder of time-honored celebrations.

Finding New Uses for Delightful Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are another charming accessory for the winter season. These are usually containers for pumpkins and gourds and set outside to create a festive fall atmosphere, but you can also use them as stylish vessels for your firewood, which are decorative elements on their own. At the same time, these wicker baskets add accent color. Make sure to pick out a hue that complements the overall scheme of your space. This is a fine way to tie up all the colors in your room and bring the winter season indoors.

Adorning Fall Wreaths for Christmas

Autumn Leaves Foliage from Balsam Hill

Fall harvest wreaths showcase the bounty of autumn. With a few changes, anyone can turn them into an accessory fit for the winter holiday. Sprinkling a pine cone garden wreath with some fake snow will give it the wintry dimension it needs. You can further highlight the stark white color by adding a large star in the middle.

Wreaths that prominently feature red pepperberries and graceful dainty twigs also encapsulate the simple yet striking beauty of winter. The deep red and earth tones capture the changing colors of fall and winter. Display these wreaths in areas with white or light hues to accentuate their modest but lovely features.

Bring a wintry charm into your home this season with these decorating ideas from Balsam Hill.

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